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RE: Theos-World Henry Newlin Stokes - O.E. Library Critic

Dec 07, 2001 05:38 PM
by dalval14

Friday, December 07, 2001

Dear Henry

I had access to the actual original old volumes and issues of the
O. E. Library CRITIC and read what he wrote there. Some of the
older Lodges interested in THEOSOPHY may still have them. I
don't think the magazine has been reprinted.

You are right to feel proud of his work.

Now why don't you follow it up and investigate and see for
yourself what he got out of Theosophy. You'll find it
interesting. Why not start with ISIS UNVEILED -- there are
photographic reprints of the original edition available. Try to
read them "on-line: through B. Net -- at:

I would also recommend to you the OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY (W. Q.
Judge) as it gives a synopsis of Theosophical doctrines and is
also a summary of The SECRET DOCTRINE. That way you'll be able
to gauge for yourself its value. They are also available on B.

I'll always be glad to answer queries, if you have some.

best wishes,



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Subject: Re: Theos-World Henry Newlin Stokes - O.E. Library

Dear Dallas.

I very much appreciate your response to my inquiries about my
grandfather, Henry Newlin Stokes.

You mention that you have read all he wrote. How could one such
myself also read his writings? I have found passages of his
in books about Theosophy, but no actual reprintings of his O.E.
Library Critic.

Thank you again,


P.S. I am very pleased to hear your positive impression of him as
being sincere and honest. I can't help but feel a little
pride for my ancestor.

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