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RE: Theos-World Logic - to Peter

Nov 30, 2001 02:13 PM
by Peter Merriott

Dear Steve and Govert,

Just a quickie as short of time. I think what you have both said is
probably two of the best things stated so far on this topic, and I include
what I have written in the "so far".

Thanks and 'blessings',


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> From: Govert Schuller []
> Sent: 30 November 2001 19:46
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> Subject: Re: Theos-World Logic - to Peter
> STEVE: I wonder if anyone understands that these distinctions
> exist only in consciousness and not in reality. In
> reality there is no atma or buddhi as separate
> entities, and therefore no compromising the essential
> unity of it.
> GOVERT: Just to throw in a little phenomenology. Consciousness is
> nothing if
> not conscious OF something, and reality is nothing if there is no
> consciousness OF it. And there can be unity, eventhough there might be
> internal differentiation. So, Atma-Buddhi might well be a unitary state of
> blissful consciousness of being as a differentiation within the unity of
> Brahman.
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