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Re: theosophical talk site

Nov 29, 2001 01:45 PM
by compiler

Daniel, you do not have to receive any emails from this site. Just go 
up to the web site itself, click on the "Edit My Membership" link found 
in the top right hand side of every page, and undo the "Send individual 
Emails" selection and click on and enable the one that says this: "No 
email: Don't send me email, I'll read the messages at the Web site". 
This way you can go up to the site once in a while, at your own 
leisure, and read any article that happens to catch your attention, or 
not. Then you are in complete control and are not constantly 
overwhelmed by the endless flow of emails from this site coming into 
your computer.


--- In theos-talk@y..., "DANIEL J HOUGAS" <younggung36@m...> wrote:
> I want to stop my subscription to the theosophical talk site. There is just too much mail, and I cannot deal with it.
> Thanks, Dan
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