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Henry Newlin Stokes - O.E. Library Critic

Nov 29, 2001 11:29 AM
by Henry Stokes


I am trying to research my great-grandfather Henry
Newlin Stokes and I just wondered if anyone knew
anything about him. I just recently discovered a
webpage that discusses him. Before that, I knew next
to nothing about him. I am now aware that he was a
successful chemist, ran an occult library, published
the OE Library Critic journal, and had a lot to say
about the goings-on of the Theosophy movement in the
early 20th Century. And that he coined the phrase
"Back to Blavatsky", and worked towards prison reform.
I also discovered that, before he became involved
with the Theosophical Society, he was a member of the
Order of the Initiates of Thibet (aka the Oriental
Esoteric Society), headed by the "mysterious" Dr.
Alberto de Sarak and his representive in the states,
Miss Agnes Marsland. Some of my research indicates
that he was deceived and betrayed by them. I'm just
trying to learn more. Does anyone happen to know
anything about Sarak or Marsland or their Order? Or
even something about my great-grandfather?

Any information at all would be most appreciated!

My curiosity about my great-grandfather is leading me
to many things. I am just now learning about
Theosophy, and I find it very fascinating.

Thank you,

Henry Stokes

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