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RE: Theos-World RE: Vision, Thought and Intuition

Nov 28, 2001 04:36 AM
by dalval14

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Dear Friends:

I take note of this posting. To another friend a few minutes ago
I wrote on this subject, let me quote it in part

--------------------- Dallas wrote: ----------------

In regard to History. I mean any "history," Theosophical, or

To me these are the general principles.

There is the one way which any one, or all, can use -- and that
is, to set up for themselves, in chronological sequence all the
documents relating to events and study them.

Then only, every one who has done this rather laborious work, has
the assurance that they have SEEN and KNOW what happened on the
surface. You have to see and read everything.


The only drawback is that one is never quite sure one has
secured ALL
the documents. So even such a conclusion may be altered by some
late document's discovery or arrival.

The second way is chancy.

You take up a book (or several books) and read the author's
opinion which is supposed to be fair and impartial, and is based
on his or her selection of the documents -- you don't know
exactly how impartial or correct the author's rendering is.

If you use the contrast of several books, one begins to frame a
personal view of the events being reviewed for accuracy. The
differences of authors' opinions are noted and one wonders why
they arose.

Also it is significant, for the carefully astute and demanding
reader, that there emerges from such comparative reading: the
significant points that some authors desire to hide, or try to
bend a reader's credulity in their favor. Your information, based
on such reading, is therefore, a matter of "belief" or of
"faith." But essentially it is the adoption of someone (or
several) else's views.

But the Theosophical method is to view and consider ALL SIDES.
So each student who desires to discover the TRUTH does their own
research on such terms as they adopt for themselves. It is
better to have "no side." Always be as impartial as possible.

So, let me say: I am satisfied my reading and knowledge are (to
me) impartial. But that statement I cannot convey as "proof" to
any one. I can offer it only as TESTIMONY. Any one can, in
response, say to me: "You are wrong." And then I can choose to
enter the "fray" and offer a string of supporting references, or
I can remain quiet.

Since Theosophy claims to be a search for TRUTH -- the only
impartial and truly exact TRUTH -- and since we live in a world
of many illusions and opinions, it is far more important to
devote one's time to a search for that TRUTH, than to gnaw again
at the dried bones, and desiccated remains of the past.

The Past cannot be altered by any one. It exists as EVENTS and

Opinions then have to be examined far their verity, if one
desires to spend time on that. I have done that because I find
THEOSOPHY to be most precious and valuable. And, I wish to be
able to defend it.

I also find that the reputation of H P B has been vilified. This
is extremely annoying as she is the TEACHER to all of us. -- We
owe her. -- and as she is not able to defend herself (or
Theosophy) I believe it is my duty to do that to the best on my

Let me say in parting. There is always a "touchstone" in such
matters. This touchstone is the STATEMENT OF THE PHILOSOPHY OF
THEOSOPHY and has nothing to do with what people have said about
it or opined. The actual merits of THEOSOPHY ought to be
determined by you, for yourself.

Are they (Theosophical claims and facts) reasonable?

Do they supply the missing ethical and moral links ?

This last, is the most important thing of all.

I say this because KARMA or individual responsibility is the one
thing that most people try to avoid -- or they look for a
religion (or a philosophy) which tells them: "Don't worry.
Accept me. I will see that you get to Paradise after you die."

What does this imply? To me, it implies we all know the TRUTH in
our Hearts. But we allow our "Heads" to argue us out of strict
honesty. Our Conscience (the Voice from the Heart -- the
BUDDHI -- within) then pricks again and again (our Lower Mind),
and the worm of uncertainty drives us, either to undo our known
wrongs to others (which is the best way of mitigating or
off-setting "bad karma"), or, to HIDE THEM. If we hide them, we
add hypocrisy to lie and deceit.

As far as I know there are no "gentle" ways to say these things.
Theosophy teaches us to "face the music." And try to not repeat
any offenses. "Once bitten, twice shy !"

Best wishes,


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From: Bart Lidofsky []
Sent: Tuesday, November 27, 2001 7:06 PM
Subject: Re: Theos-World RE: Vision, Thought and Intuition

Alan Williams wrote:
> Quite so, Bart. But upon rejecting them, whoever they might be,
> into question everything else HBP wrote concerning the
tradition and
> preservation of the secret doctrine. So shes either telling the
> or a great lie. When the keystone is removed the arch
collapses. Cut
> of the feet, the statue collapses, doubt the masters, doubt
> Theosopy... and so on.

You can ignore Blavatsky's flowery stories without
rejecting what she
wrote. Remember, it's a direction in which to investigate, not

Bart Lidofsky

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