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Theosophy Reads

Nov 26, 2001 12:56 PM
by wauxhail

Dear Daniel,

I will order those books post haste. Without guidance I would have 
no idea how to pick and choose the best books to get started with. 
Thank you for the information; I am in the United States. When I 
have read and studied the information privided me from this list, and 
am better versed, I will seek to expand my Theosophy library then. 
Firstly, I must well-acquaint myself with the principles and theories 
so that I am advancing with each concept. Even though I am mostly 
lost in many of these discussions, I have come away with a little 
knowledge here and there that I didn't have. Every bit of reading 
helps, but to begin at the beginning would prove more fruitful, and 
more satisfying as well. A big thank you to you, too, Daniel.


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