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RE: INDIAN LIT Studying the SD Part 2

Nov 26, 2001 05:37 AM
by dalval14

Monday, November 26, 2001

Dear Friend:

One of the reasons that H P B gave was that in India a preserving hand seems
to have been laid on ancient MSS and Lore -- so that the most ancient
records we have of WISDOM from the past is still available and actively used
for study there. [ In a recent positing -- last week -- I gave a survey of
INDIAN manuscript lore still available as evidence of perennial ancient
WISDOM. (reproduced below).

[ read, as an example S D I 272-3 ] Also, I suggest: Use the INDEX to
The SECRET DOCTRINE and ISIS UNVEILED and you will discover under TEMPLES,
valuable page references that can be researched.

One point that ought to be made and which every student of ISIS UNVEILED and
The SECRET DOCTRINE will discover is that the light the THEOSOPHY now throws
on those ancient teaching has served to draw them together and make sense
out of their method and the “blinds” of their recording. This I believe
important -- Theosophy reestablishes the fact that it is NATURE which has
established all the invisible and secret methods of organizing our lives --
and It provides us with the necessary elements and foods that support our
physical life. Our Modern Science is merely re-discovering the evidence of
this. Similarly with Orientalism and the study of ancient lore: It exists
and an impartial study reveals that all ancient religions and philosophies
have closely comparable tenets at their ROOT--SOURCE, and these can be
verified today by anyone who gives time and effort to doing this.

Proof is often asked for.

Evidence and testimony are offered, often in overwhelming quantities.

Does this satisfy doubters or skeptics? No.

Because the only kind of “proof” that satisfied any one is that which they
develop in themselves through their own study. It is a “faith” in whatthey
have labored to prove correct and true.

It is quite probable that many orientalists and scientists encountering this
evidence of ancient wisdom will demand for some proof that it is in fact
present. In most cases the chain of information has been interrupted by
vandals and conquerors who plundered and systematically destroyed ancient
records. Millions of important MSS have been destroyed, in China, Ceylon,
Egypt, Central and South America, Java, Europe, the Middle East, etc.
Monuments and astronomically oriented sites have been pulled down or
severely damaged.

Best wishes,



Example of INDIAN LORE

Hindu Literature (ancient):

1. PARA VIDYA Esoteric, Secret Wisdom, unrecorded, undisclosed
|__________________________________MANIFESTATION OCCURS
2. APARA VIDYA Exoteric Wisdom, recorded (oral, written)
Shruti Smriti Purani Itehasa 1. Exoteric 2.
Esoteric explan.
revelation tradition myths history Karma Kanda Jnana

Upanishads Veda Vyasa

VEDAS +---------------+-----------+--------------+-------------I
Named: Rig Sama Yajur Atharva
Content: hymns chants ritual sacred
Rishi: Brahma Jaimini Yajnavalkya Vashishta,
Visvamitra, etc.
In All Vedas : +--------------+-------------------+-----------------+
Content: Mantras | Shad Anjanis | Aranyakas | Shad
sound 6 Sciences lore for
6 Philosophies
dwellers |

SHAD DARSHANA: 6 Philosophical Demonstrations

1. MATERIAL: Prakriti: 3 Schools
| Named: Vaisheshika Nyaya Purva Mimansa
| Rishi: Kanada-rishi Gautama-rishi Jaimini
| Content: Doubt Denial Mantra meanings

2. SPIRITUAL: Purusha: 3 Schools
| +------------------+----------------------+
| Named: Sankhya Yoga Uttara Mimansa
| Rishi: Kapila-rishi Yajnavalkya Badarajna, Vyasa,
| Patanjali
| Content: Evolving Man and God Atman: root
Man & God

3. Vedanta :

3 Divisions Dvaita Vishistadwaita Advaita
duality: merging of Unity
of All:
Man & God Man and God in Man is God
persist a Unity
Unity is ALL

Other ancient Hindu Literature:

Asavalayana Kalpa Sutra Ceremonial Directory
Nirukta . . . . Expositions
Panini's Vyakarma . Grammar
Siksha . . . . Phonetic
Jyotisha . . . Astronomy &
Chhandra . . . Meter
Nighantu . . . Synonyms
Indra Gatha . . . Hymns to the Moon
Nara Samsi . . . Components of Man
Valkya Smriti Yajna . . Sacrifice
Mahabharata . . Ramayana
Itehasa . . . Epics
Jaimini Sutras . . . Purva Mimansa /
Brahma Sutras . . . Uttara Mimansa /
Upanishads . . . Explanations of
esoteric lore

Theosophy is a statement of facts in Nature. As a
philosophy it is eclectic and includes all in its purview. It
investigates all phenomena, and relates those observations to its
lore, constantly checking and verifying independent observations,
and comparing those with the
records of the past.

Theosophy is the combination of all of these, considered
in their interrelation, the entire system of learning and
knowledge leading to all-inclusiveness. It is the 7th System:
Sanatana Dharma, the Perennial Philosophy, which unites them all.

Mote: Modern versions of the Upanishads, owing to
abridgments in Akbar's reign may be inaccurate. [ Theosophy v.
20, p. 19; Theosophist v. I p. 25, 50, 246; Theosophy v. 2, p.
329. ]


Best wishes,



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Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2001 8:28 AM
Subject: Studying the SD Part 2

Dalval wrote,

If what you state below is correct (and I believe it to be so), then why
the T. S concentrate so much on the Veda's and Aryan teachings? By placing
such a strong emphases on the Eastern Occult teachings one hardly sees any
of the others that you have mentioned below, and tends to believe that T. S.
is nothing more than Hinduism in another name? If T. S. is as you have
stated below, and "no one can lay claim to ""originality,"" then why should
the Eastern Teachings form such a dominating (central theme) in T. S. ?

Just asking your point of view...

M. G.

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