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Re: Theos-World Is Bin Laden even Real? (wag the dog)

Nov 25, 2001 04:02 PM
by Drpsionic

Well, if you look at the pictures, it's obviously one of the Masters in 
disguise. Same unkempt Jesus beard, same sort of insane look in the eyes. 
The drugs do that to you, especially after 500 years with nothing else to do 
but screw the goats, bugger the chelas, argue with the other Masters, play 
pranks on naive Russian noblewomen and try to find someone to repair that 
bizarre piano-organ thing they have that never quite works right.

Guess things were getting boring in the ashram and he needed to go out and 
blow something up. 

And find fresh goats.

Chuck the Happy Heretic

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