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RE: Theos-World Why was Hitler alive in 1948 in the USA?

Nov 25, 2001 03:07 PM
by nos

I'v not herd of any of the literature you mention. I know for a fact
though the tha Nazi's did indeed have a flying saucer base in the
Antarctic. The 'ufo's' they had of course were not unidentified - they
were merely advanced vehicles. Most witnesses back in the 40's -
soldier's who could identify different weapons - said that the flying
saucers were equipped with german machine guns and had german insignia. 

The americans sent a division to the antarctic after the war - AND IT

So you know what they did ? 

Yep A-Bomb number 3

And that created the hole in the ozone layer over the south pole.

This is all recorded by Knights Templar.


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Subject: Theos-World Why was Hitler alive in 1948 in the USA?

nos: "Why was Hitler alive in 1948 in the USA? Please be specific."

Brigitte: I am not to familiar with the USA episode, but there is 
modern day Ariosophical litterature (for example books by von 
Helsing and many others, including as it seems leading theosophist 
Krank Reitemyer) claiming the Nazis had an UFO basis on Mars and 
afther (and you might be right nos, according to what is claimed he 
might have toured the world a bit before that) they wiskerred Hitler 
up there he left with a Nazi UFO fleet to a far away star system 
outside our solar system called Aldebaran , where as insiders (Frank 
Reitemeyer ?) will know, they have this Nazi friendly colony of demi -
gods where it considerred an absolute fact that he (Hitler) still 
looking as young as that time, is now underway with a large UFO fleet 
ready to establish the fourth reich on earth. Just reminds a lot of 
the Master myth isn't it ? 


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