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Nov 25, 2001 09:09 AM
by Etzion Becker

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Subject: quotes: WHAT ARE THE STARS?

> Bhau Kalchuri
> That night, Ramjoo asked Baba, "What are the stars?"
> The Master explained:
> Stars, like planets, are spheres; but many of the
> planets are inhabited by human beings. They
> resemble the Earth in culture, science and in
> every way materially . . . but from the spiritual
> point of view, our Earth is the most advanced, for
> the Perfect Masters are born on this planet.
> These other planets seem far off from one another
> but, in reality, they are close. After Realization a
> man finds them issuing from himself in the millions
> -- like tiny bubbles. He finds himself to be the
> source of everything -- the Maker of all! Although
> the gross spheres of the universes are different,
> the spiritual planes from beginning to end are one.
> Later, the Master explained that there exist in the physical
> cosmos eighteen thousand planets with human life forms, and
> millions of planets with evolutionary life forms, along with
> millions and millions of universes which are in a state of cosmic
> evolution. He clarified that Earth was the only planet where the
> process of involution occurred -- that only on Earth do human
> beings experience the planes of spiritual consciousness. And
> he further explained that not only were the five Perfect Masters
> on Earth, but the entire seven thousand member spiritual
> hierarchy of saints and advanced souls. At this time, such
> esoteric points were not public knowledge.(1)
> (1) For an explanation of Meher Baba's cosmology, the evolution
> of planets and universes, and the seven thousand members of the
> spiritual hierarchy refer to GOD SPEAKS, PAGES 244 AND 271
> - 274
> >From LORD MEHER, The Biography of the Avatar of the Age,
> Meher Baba, Volume One & Volume Two, 1894 - 1925, by
> Bhau Kalchuri, Pages 618 - 619, Copyright Lawrence Reiter
> 1979

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