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More on the word "Nirmanakaya"

Nov 24, 2001 09:32 AM
by Blavatsky Archives

In an 1887 letter to W.Q. Judge, Madame Blavatsky

". . . Do you understand what it means? It means that
unless you consent, you force me to a miserable life &
a miserable death with the idea preying on my mind
that there is an end of theosophy. That for several
years I will not be able to help it on & stir its
course, because I will have to act in a body which
will have to be assimilated to the Nirmanakaya,
because even in Occultism there are such things as a
failure, & a retardment, and a misfit. But you don't
understand me, I see. . . ." Quoted from:

Daniel H. Caldwell
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