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RE: Theos-World Re to Brigitte - Pathworking

Nov 23, 2001 04:11 PM
by nos

Jerry - Sounds like you are talking about the Bardo Thodrol here - It
outlines conscious travel through the Bardo States ??


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Subject: Theos-World Re to Brigitte - Pathworking


Thanks for the kind words. We all go through the sleep and death cycles,
but unconsciously. Using my interpretation of Blavatsky's model as a
practical map of the inner territory, we can consciously go through the
cycles that I outlined, consciously. The objective here is to allow us
to consciously undergo these normally-unconscious cycles. The higher
cycles require a good deal of meditative expertise, but are there for
those who can use them. 

Astral traveling, or what is today called Pathworking, is very popular
today, and I was trying to show that Blavatsky's model can also be
pathworked. Most Theosophists will fear to TRY (Quest, for example, not
only wouldn't publish it, but they refused to even read it for
consideration), but I really didn't write the essay for Theosophists
anyway. My goal is to make Theosophy practical and more acceptable to
more people. Only time will tell if I am successful.

When we learn about reincarnation, it remains a theory, or perhaps an
intuitive feeling that we have. But when we use meditative pathworking,
we can consciously go through the death and rebirth process. At first
this will likely be pure imagination, but imagination itself is an
expression of divine creativity, and when done properly over time, one
will eventually actually be able to undergo the death, after-death,
pre-birth, and birth experiences and feel exactly what happens. This
helps eliminate fear (I find birth to be much more fearful than death)
as well as ignorance, and will allow us to consciously control our
rebirth. Understanding the reincarnation cycle also helps us to develop
compassion for others who do not understand what is happening. 

Jerry S.


<<<<Thank you Jerry for your verry interresting mail, that at least
for me, completes the picture much more. I asked this question becouse
I have read your essay on Pathworking the Gupta Vidya Universe Model.
(anybody can make a free download by the way on the bottom page of, it is really like a book,
and it turns its own pages !) I have actually started to experriment
with these "pathway's within HPB's structure, and like to ask Jerry if
you could explain more about particularly the sleep cycle,the death
cycle, the causal cycle, and the initiation cycle,as it is described in
your on-line booklet, from a practical experiental viewpoint, also in
connection to 
your "My views" and your "Reg. to Steve"
Thank You, 


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