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Brigitte Muehlegger's propaganda show

Nov 22, 2001 02:06 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

biringing any evidence of course claims. To illustrate some of the
absurditie of this and similar claims made on theos talk, the
University of Vienna is the Austrian national University, with many
tousends of students from a crossection of students meaning from
all walks of life, and among both the board of directors and the
hundrends of Professors not even one, single, Jesuit.

Despite the fact that you obviously prefer now to speak in the third person
and give me names I don't understand I answer you that it is not so much the
words but rather the deeds someone does. That what you do and what your
superior does with Gregory Tillett is Jesuitically to me.
The Jesuits proclaimed several times that the Univ. of Vienna is Catholic,
f.e. in the SJ newspaper "La Civilta Cattolica" of Nov. 4th, 1890, the time
when the Austrian Parliament discussed the alleged overwhelming influence of
the Jews in banks, press, public service etc. Did Western natural science
(to a large part) develop from SJ circles or not? Do the Jesuits feel home
in Austria and Bavaria or not? Did they always attack Prussia or not?

How did you came to the knowledge that none Vienna Professor is SJ? Did you
ask them? Did they show your their purse and you couldn't find any
membership card from Rome? To which lodge then this Professors belong? I
hear that no one in Austria's public life gets a leading job without being
member of a lodge. IS anyone member of Opus Dei? Or OTO? The fact that your
University has thousands of students is no proof that no secret lodges are
working there. Ohterwise they would probably come to other working
conclusions on all fields.
Sensationell! Vienna professors get their job just because they are so
engaged in work! No lodge work, no conspiracy, no nepotism, all independent
researchers and lovers of the truth! Good night!

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