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RE: Theos-World Hate crime litterature and theosophy.

Nov 21, 2001 08:35 PM
by nos

Speaking of Faking things -

The Mossad released shots of palestinian terrorists are interesting for
numerous reasons.

Palestinian terrorists, courtesy of The Mossad. The Israeli secret
service should teach its operatives to take off their jewellery first:
e.g. the Star of David necklace. Notice too the white skin and
designer-brand sunglasses -- worn, perhaps, to conceal blue eyes -- and
the brand new M-16, paid for by generous U.S. taxpayers, as a U.S.
correspondent assures us. A real Palestinian terrorist carries an aged
AK-47 (Photo: Reuters.)

Or what about these guys - in 'GAP' jeans????

Given Mossad's past history of faking propaganda for their own purposes
and the fact that the Ondigo company received an SMS page 2 hours before
the WTC (from an Israeli Ondigo User) - all evidence points to Mossad
standard MO. Ie dress up as Palestinian terrorists.

So Bri what's your view on Al-Aksa? Should the tEmple Mount be rebuilt?


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Subject: Theos-World Hate crime litterature and theosophy.

Frank Reitemeyer: "I NEVER faked any protocol nor will I."

I didn't say that you faked what you wrote below, I just wonderred 
why you wrote it.

Did HPB teach that the Jewish world view (black magic, materialism, 
phallicism, dead letter interpretation, which they all handed down to 
the Jesuits) is a malediction or a blessing? And did HPB teach that 
evil doing is a support to the first aim of Universal Brotherhood or 
did she teach that it is a barrier? 
Do you think that Aryan science and the age-old knowledge of Aryans 
would have been far more worse than the faked Jewish science of 
Did Hitler fight against the Jesuits (the Jewish dugpa elite) or did 
he not? 

And didn't Hitler warn the other governments against the new plots of 
the Jews and a new world war when the world Jewry declared again war 
on Germany? 
Didn't Hitler made several serious and most level-headed peace offers 
to his democratic aggressors? 
BTW, the fact that the conventional theosophist of today is a 
unconscious supporter of the dark side - as many if not most 
activities of the so-called theosophical organizations of today 
support the dark side - is not the wants the evil but rather that he 
thirts for the good so much that he is unable to see that others can 
think otherwise and he therefore denies that evil doers exists. That 
is the main support for the dark side of the power.

Brigitte: There is an antisemitic remark by Blavatsky in a letter, 
but that letter is not about the Rotschilds, Frank will probably have 
the link to the english translation of the letter, since you made the 
translation, I only remember the german one wich is at the bottom 

However Frank with your remarks above that are essentially about the 
Protocols you seem to imply HPB would have approved of the Protocols, 
why ?

And since the Protocols in a major court case in Bern Switzerland 
led by proffesional prosecuters who established that beyond 
reasonable doubt the protocols are a fake, to begin with. Connecting 
any of Blavatsky's statements to the protocols seems not to make any 
sense atoll ?
Or if you are not simple lying, where is there any evidence why, ore 
even that "HPB warn the public about the Rothschild conspiracy" as 
you mention ?

And can you show where the following report would not be true ?;

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