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US Copyright

Nov 21, 2001 05:57 AM
by ramadoss

Here is a quote from another maillist which discusses copyright and may interest some here.

"That is,
the works that are published in the U.S. before 1923 is in
the public domain."

I personally had a situation when I dealt with another well-known "theosophist" in the US who claimed that no one has the right to even disclose anything unpublished without the permission of copyright holder. This was the case some years ago. If this were the case, even newsmedia cannot report about any unpublished material. US Congress finally fixed it several years ago permitting quoting from unpublished material under the fair use doctrine. The fair use doctrine also applies to copyrighted material as without such a doctrine one cannot even write a review of any published material. I hope this info may interest someone.


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