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Re: Theos-World New web page and editor.

Nov 21, 2001 00:51 AM
by gregory

This notice - from Ms Muhlegger, who has claimed to have nothing to do 
with the site she now promotes, and which replaces, and is essentially 
identical in contents to a previous site for which she was named as 
editor - draws readers attention to a site containing material largely 
stolen or plagiarized from a PhD thesis by Dr Brendan French, published 
not only without his permission and in violation of copyright, but 
against his explicit direction that such material not be published on 
this site or any other site. In my local pub sinister looking people 
regularly offer me a variety of goods which "have fallen off the back of 
a truck" and are offered at "bargain prices". I could have better 
computers, TVs, stereos, etc. than I can afford if I was prepared to do 
business with such traders. I don't buy the goods because I have ethical 
values which preclude dealing in stolen merchandise, even when it might 
be to my advantage. I'm sure most of my colleagues who read this 
discussion list adhere to the same standards. In most countries, the 
offence of "receiving stolen property" carried the same penalties as 
stealing the property in the first place.

Dr Gregory Tillett

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