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Re: Theos-World Knowledge into experience.

Nov 20, 2001 03:31 PM
by Caleb Leys

--- wrote:
> Jerry: " take the knowledge received from the higher
> mental and 
> buddhic planes and transform that knowledge into
> experience."
> That's an interesting concept. The esoteric Taoists
> do similar. They 
> have something like the Tibetan Lus (I don't know
> how you write it 
> correct in English) the rainbow body or diamond
> vehicle, except that 
> they give birth by means of a process of inner
> alchemie to themselves 
> by projecting a new body free of past life karma
> plus the genetic 
> bindings, that the physical body connects to the
> ancestors. And then 
> trough a further proces up in that new body give
> birth to again 
> another light body with the purpose accesing and
> bringing down the 
> knowingness of these expanded levels (or dimensions)
> of consciousness 
> that you refer to.
> Brigitte

> Shall we call the above described Taoist practice:
"Spiritual GOLEM"?

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