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RE: congratulations! Why? How ?

Nov 19, 2001 05:18 PM
by dalval14

Monday, November 19, 2001

Dear “M”

Every one selects for themselves a “Path.” I recall a lively Philippine
dance in which the nimble feet of the dancers are constantly threatened by
the moving bamboo laths used on the dance floor to mark the rhythms -- as
they are swept together and apart in a pattern that demands intense
concentration and years of practice. Any failure results in a painful whack
of the ankles.

As we proceed through our lives, are we actually following some Path we have
selected or are we simply dancing our way through the moving obstacles ?

Seems to me there are Laws for everything, and balancing the “threats” is
the mental discipline adopted by the “dancer.”

Best wishes,



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Subject: congratulations!

Congratulations, guys (Dallas, Peter, Jerry, Brigitte, Daniel, etc., etc.)
for those lively posts that, if they were less lively, less argumentative,
might not be as interesting, in a way, to speculate about, (at least from my
perspective). Since I'm a fairly new stoodent of Theosophy (well, at least
of the doghouse variety, apparently), some of those recent Theos-1 posts
have sort of "interestingly" reflected (if by way of my "stoodious
interpretations," in my case) at least some "apparent aspects" of various
manasic interpretations of exoteric/esoteric inter-reactive values/meanings
which, in turn, have led to some fairly interesting . . . uh, "thoughts," in
a sense, I think, on my part.
And, on the subject of thoughts, I'll be back in a week or two, I think.
Back for what? Well, maybe for some more thoughting.
(Says he, as if the subscribers to this and a couple of other lists haven't
already had plenty of thoughting and samples of my doghouse Theosophy to
last for . . . Tsk.) Sorry, I don't know what it is, but this Theosophy
thing . . . well---what can I say---I just can't seem to stay away for long
from . . . uh, "Theosophical things," even though I seem to somewhat "fully
realize," in a way, a few things about, well, my "approach," my doghouse
style, or "way" (to put it "as politely as I can," I think). Not that I
consider myself to be on any kind of Doghouse PATH, exactly! Surely it's
not THAT bad! Well, at least I don't THINK so, believe it or not, for the
most part, in a way, I think! Not that some people might not want to
"correct" me about that and about a few other things, most-possibly
PS No, I don't want to just now define what I mean here by "doghouse." I
tend to think that that's one of those things that we all ought to have the
privilige of figuring out "individually" (for better or worse). Not that
"figuring individually" is always necessarily a particularly "individual"
thing, exactly, anyway, but . . . Whatever.

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