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Re: Theos-World The HPB quote from the Carlson book

Nov 17, 2001 08:47 PM

Dear John,
Right on Brother!!!!!

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Sent: Saturday, November 17, 2001 8:51 PM
Subject: Re: Theos-World The HPB quote from the Carlson book

To all the fine subscribers-
Sorry but I just can't keep reading tons of this discussion on whether
or not
there exists the possiblilty of any Paranormal-Psychic-Spiritual
in any past -present- or future member of Mankind.

I have remained silent for over a year now but have read the postings.

In that time to my knowledge none have given reference to that great
by Geoffrey A Barborka "H. P Blavatsky , Tibet And Tulku". I find it has
volumes of worthwhile content in particular as to by what means and
what specific psychic mechanism the performance of the contested events
were brought into manisfestation . As a result I have asked myself is
there a bias
against this work and it's content being not willing to beleive the so
commentators could have failed to read it?

I might add that the perception of a "Master" historically in all real
traditions of
the Metaphysical Inheritance handed down to us by all preceeding
such as Yoga, Mahayana, Zen, Kabbalicism and even Christianity and
is not dependent upon the direct physical presence of the said
"Master". This is
reduntantly stated by H.P.B. herself and others close to her in the
First Circle. I am rather inclined to state that the principle observation
lost in this at length debate is
what was called "The Triple Kingdom" Principle.

In the Gnosis Man was divided into three "types"
1. Hylic
2. Psychicos
3. Pneumaticos

Perhaps the problem lays in the fact that some are indeed confined to
boundary and limit of the Hylic and all the presentations, facts, and
can never overcome their intrinsic limit of consciousness that ever
informs them
that man is but a weed and no more . Perhaps wisdom left it's home and
when seeing the impossible attempted.

I induct that there are those that debate endlessly with vigor who
indeed have no qualification in the realm they attempt to demolish.
It appears to this reader that
those most adamant to disprove any possibility that the events
recounted by
H.P.B, Olcutt, and others are fueled from this very root- they have
never once in
their entire life had presentment of any event Noetic, or Psychic.
therefore they argue from a pure sancified unstained material and
academic accumulation alone
and can never be the approved expert witness that present the
evidence that is
Truth itself.

Whatever motivation impells such scandel gathering, mongering of
character and
what gain and form they expect the reward to be is beyond me but I
think it's end
is not happiness.

Once I and others were told "Seek not of "I" - seel rather the
energy of your
Own Being - and- the Space that is about You" it seemed good

Well-I will now continue to wade through the vast new e-mails from
the Group
I have yet to read. Lol

John Maxfield

PS: I will probably again see some one post an "Instant Ignore"
but such is the mind of all mankind

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