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RE: Theos-World HPB, Racism, and the Secret Doctrine.

Nov 17, 2001 03:24 PM
by nos

So I take it you don't accept Atlantis Theory (or fact if you read Otto
Muck's book - and the russians are bringing up artifacts as we speak).


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|Subject: Theos-World HPB, Racism, and the Secret Doctrine.
|Nos: "Now some differences can of course be explained through 
|climate, conditions culture etc - but can mental capacity fit into 
|As people moved into different environments different mental 
|capacity's needed to be developed to adjust to these environments. 
|There are detailed studies that prove this indeed accounts for it, 
|and this is currently tought on all major University's specialized 
|in this subject.
|There is sufficient evidence that we all derive from the same stock 
|in Africa, and that the Secret Doctrine is wrong when it comes to the 
|evolution of mankind (see my previous today mail for additional 
|Archaeologists have found tools suggesting modern human behaviour 
|started 30,000 years earlier than previously thought. 
|Scientists found the collection of 70,000-year-old tools in a cave on 
|the southern tip of South Africa.
|Until now it had been accepted that man's ability to intricately 
|carve tools only developed 40,000 years ago.
|Christopher Henshilwood, an archaeologist from the South African 
|Museum in Cape Town and a member of the team that made the discovery, 
|said: "The implication is that there was a modern human behaviour in 
|Africa about 35,000 years before Europe."
|Last year a team of Chinese and American geneticists obtained blood 
|samples from more than 12,000 men from across east Asia and examined 
|characteristic DNA sequences called markers on the Y chromosome (the 
|male chromosome). The Y chromosome is considered one of the most 
|powerful molecular tools for tracing human evolutionary history 
|because it remains unchanged over eons when passed from father to 
|son. The researchers found that every one of the men could trace his 
|ancestry to forefathers who lived in Africa over the past 35,000 to 
|89,000 years. They also found absolutely no genetic evidence that the 
|modern people (Homo sapiens) mated with archaic humans (Homo erectus) 
|that already lived in Asia, having migrated from Africa about 1 
|million years ago.
|How do we adjust the Secret Doctrine ?
| Brigitte
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