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The HPB quote from the Carlson book

Nov 17, 2001 11:28 AM
by Blavatsky Archives

Brigitte, you write:

"But more important Blavatsky herself wrote regarding her work as a 
medium; 'And thus I must confess that three-quarters of the time the 
spirits spoke and answered in my words and out of my own 
considerations, for the success of my own plans. Rarely, very rarely, 
did I fail, by means of this little trap, to discover people's hopes, 
plans and secrets. ' (Maria Carlson , No Religion Higher Than Truth, 
p. 316.)"

What edition of Carlson's book are you quoting from?

My edition published by Princeton University Press in 1993 only goes 
to page 298! You cite from page 316???

If you are quoting from some other edition, in what chapter is this 
quote given?


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