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Theos-World RE: memorable quotes

Nov 17, 2001 08:40 AM
by Nisk98114

And it would seem that also in Jewish tradition one finds references to 
Masters and no doubt many other religions as well but this particular 
reference was handy so i'll pass it along. It also seems that the 
theosophists aren't the only one's in on it.

"And old tradition has it that the earth is sustained in
every generation by at least 36 righteous men, known as
Tzaddikim. They do their good works quietly and in secret.
Not even their families or neighbors know who they are. But
if it were not for them, the world would perish." (NOTE: that would 
be some "Magic" wouldn't it?)

The above is in addition to Dallas's post below.
Friday, November 16, 2001
Dear friend:
May I respond to your contribution to these exchanges?  I ask you in advance 
to excuse any abruptness you may encounter or sense in my replies
1.         The existence or non existence of “masters.”
You have raised important points and offered scattered quotations.
Permit m to interject some comments below in the body of your text.
Best wishes,
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Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2001 2:38 pm
subject: memorable quotes
            Where ’s the proof that the Ascended Masters exist? Apologists 
point to a few letters in a museum in England supposedly written and 
precipitated by the Masters during the 1800s . 
            in regard to this (just above) permit me to observe:  the museum 
in London is the venerable British Museum.  (equivalent to the Libraryof 
The phrase “Ascended Masters” was not used by Mme. Blavatsky.  One wonders 
why and where it was developed -- perhaps by some of the later groups of 
students.  But, to my way of thinking, the important question in all 
theosophical matters is more a question of what was said, than who said it, 
with the exception of H P B -- who was the accredited “agent” of the Masters 
and spoke for them.  
It is my conviction that the “theosophical” Adepts, or Elder Brothers are 
living in and on this earth and have much to do with its progress -- as the 
literature of theosophy makes plain.  The reasonable concept of the 
immortality of the human spirit/soul, and of reincarnation would make this a 
certainty rather than a matter of conjecture.  Some thoughts on this are 
given below:
The interchangeable terms :  Masters, Mahatmas, Brothers, Elder Brothers, 
Adepts, Masters of Wisdom, etc…, were put into use by early writers, who 
wished to show their respect for such wise ones. 
1.         The existence of “Masters of Wisdom” does not have to be proved. 
Their presence can be deduced and evidence for that is widely available to 
those who know the importance of the  ethico-moral causes and effects that 
sweep our culture and the evolution of mankind onward. 
2.         For some, it is a logical deduction that there are wise men in the 
world.  They are under no obligation to reveal themselves to us or to anyone. 
They are busy people and cannot make time for delays, or satisfy the curious. 
Nor are They interested in forming a “church.”  
Adequate evidence of their presence and influence can be traced by those who 
are able to attune themselves to their nature -- a nature that is universally 
sensitive to the real needs of human development, and general progress.  As 
an analogy, one might consider the administrative and tutorial staff -- 
rectors, deans, professors, or presidents --  of our universities. They are 
not compelled to show themselves, or demonstrate their competence to mere 
applicants for admission, or to the hoi polloi, who could not recognize their 
ability by any means so far developed by them.  The most qualified of 
teachers from our local university might walk right by us tomorrow, and we 
would not recognize him or her.  Our ability to meet physically, or even to 
hold a dialog with such individuals, offers no “proof” of their competence.  
In some cases, if we develop the ability to understand them at the level they 
can teach, this alone demonstrates to us their competence and that eminence. 
But this personal conviction is not one we can communicate to others as 
proof. To those “others,” it may appear that we “blindly believe.”   If one 
has read the Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky, we will recall the chapter 
titled:  “The Grand Inquisitor.”  In that, Jesus appears in Seville during 
an auto-da-fe conducted by the Inquisition.  The Grand Inquisitor recognizes 
him and has him arrested and incarcerated.  That night he visits him… the 
narrative that follows contains the point I am trying to make.  Another book 
that few remember was written by Upton Sinclair in the 1920s:  “hey Call Me 
Carpenter.” Both these give a view of the difficulty the Church would 
encounter if Jesus appeared in public today.
A study of their original teachings (Theosophy) can do that.  No one is 
obliged to enroll themselves into any academy except by their own choice.  
The published writings of real  teachers are deemed adequate proof of their 
erudition, and their care for the evolution of the earth.  So is it with 
Theosophy.  Those who have studied it, know something of its value.  This 
kind of study can lend depth to our perception of the wonderful support we 
receive constantly from nature, and breadth to our minds and aspirations. 
3.         Many persons have given independent testimony to witnessing the 
existence of “Masters of Wisdom.”  Some saw and conversed with them, others 
owe their conviction to what they have written.  The conviction of their 
possession of great wisdom, and of their existence, is always one that an 
individual develops in himself.  This can be shared with others, to discover 
if they have had similar experiences.  No one can “prove” anything to 
another.  They can only speak of what they experienced, or of their 
Whatever our several opinions may be, that which is relevant is the inherent 
worth of what has been presented for us to consider.   Each one is urged to 
make an independent determination as to value.  
When skepticism is offered  it may arouse the spirit of research.  In others 
who do not care to investigate, it may produce rejection.  Each one has to 
deal with their doubts as best they can, since no one can alter the mind-set 
of another.  The more universal and impersonal our mind-view, the morewe may 
be able to embrace the universe as a whole, and may begin to perceive what we 
can contribute to it.  
On the other hand:  we ought to consider the cumulative worth of a 130years 
of evidence.  One can study the testimony offered, and, one might readin H P 
B’s ISIS UNVEILED, that there has been, evidence for the existence of wise 
men, of prophets, reformers and teachers, and that this extends over many 
more years and centuries than our abbreviated history reveals. [ ISIS 
UNVEILED  II  pp. 97 - 103]  One may further discover that they, the wise, 
all taught the same fundamental doctrines, and the same ethics to be used in 
a setting of ideal communal living anywhere, and at any time in the past or 
present of our world.
The primary basis for theosophical doctrines (which claim this antiquity and 
universality) is their enormous span of history. (our records of history, 
presented to us in the course of our education, seem to be limited to about 
7,000 years, then, the records are seen to fade and disappear into the 
shadows of tradition and myth)  Occasionally we find traces of buildings and 
monuments that indicate a great antiquity to the theoretical antiquity 
ascribed to many ancient civilizations, and these, remain to this day the 
puzzles of the paleontologists and archeologists.  [See as an example pages 
151-2 in MAHATMA LETTERS (barker edition); however, the SECRET DOCTRINE 
throws light on those artifacts and the past civilizations that developed 
Theosophy, delving into the sources of  religions, philosophies, mythsand 
sects of our past and present, offers the concept that:  the original, 
primitive spirit of wisdom, when embodied, generates the process of 
evolution, so that the least being in existence may, some day, attain to the 
wisdom implicit in the wisest of all natures’ excellences --  (Deity) --  as 
Sublime Perfection, and, an equality of intelligence for all.  This forms the 
primary basis for the “first object:”   UniversalBrotherhood.
It is sublime, because it denies this wisdom to none.  It encourages the 
concept of brotherly regard and practice as a necessary process that will 
lead to all beings becoming eventually wise.  Wisdom may be defined asthe 
ability to make knowledge universally beneficent.
It therefore posits (to repeat) as a basic principle, the concept that every 
being is in fact an immortal, and never “dies.”  One might say, starting 
with atomic and sub-atomic entities, that each has a fraction, however 
minute, of the ONE, the original, the universal and all-pervasive SPIRIT 
residing in it.  Around it, it attracts the necessary forms (atoms, 
molecules, cells, etc…)  to give it embodiment in our materialenvironment.  
The doctrine of the “seven principles” in nature and in manemerges from 
this necessity. [ see  KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB) and SECRET DOCTRINE,  vol. I  
p. 157, and,  II,  p.  596 ]
If this is acceptable, then it becomes possible to see how through a vast 
process of repeated experience, every such unit (or monad) experiences life 
and purposive, conscious living through all forms.  Obviously evolution is 
not limited to the formal embodiments we all know and are familiar with in 
this solitary life.  Our science recognizes the immutability as well as the 
continual transmigration of all atoms throughout the universe over a vast 
period of time.  It endows, conceptually, each atom with the quality of 
immortality calling it a “perpetual motion machine.”
As said above: the logical outcome of this concept is that total evolution 
has, and will, always be made available to every unit, until every such 
entity eventually attains to the level of intelligence represented by the 
manifestation of the one consciousness through the focus we call:  
spirit/soul/mind which animates (and is the cause for) each unit of mankind.  
In a sensitive and caring universe no single unit in its whole vast 
constituency will be denied the opportunity to succeed and graduate from this 
school of experience, in which we all share.
It posits logically, that every human started its evolution at the same basic 
stage;  and has been directing it, for itself, under the general and 
impartial laws of the universe, at its own rate of advance ever since.  More 
important:  it posits that every being (from low to high, from small to 
great) is an independently cooperative immortal.  It lives and has lived with 
all other beings, and its choices either assist or delay the joint progress 
of the whole of nature. 
Each such immortal monad, uses many bodies under the general process known as 
reincarnation, and this proceeds under karma, or the universal law of equity 
and fair justice for all.  Surely, there can be nothing more democratic than 
this “equal opportunity” universe ?

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