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FW: To Peter - on the Atman

Nov 16, 2001 02:52 PM
by Peter Merriott

<< JERRY: If the quote, to the effect that matter and spirt are both
maya,was meant to be literal, then Blavatsky was aware of, and she accepted,
one of the "secret" Dzogchen teachings. <<

[Peter:] She may or may not have been. The one does not follow on from the
other. This is poor logical reasoning - the very thing you keep complaining
about in others, is it not?>

<< JERRY: you are saying that I am illogical to reach the conclusion that
she knew Dzogchen teaching. Now, given that she was a Buddhist and that she
entered Tibet itself in order to gain initiation into its higher teachings,
why is my conclusion so illogical?>>


I believe you are twisting my words, so let me say it slightly differently.
Just because HPB stated matter and spirit are both Maya that does not in
itself mean she was aware of and accepted the secret Dzogchen teachings.
Its a valid speculation but not a good piece of logic.

<< MORTON: vol. 1, p. 227 : Atma="SPIRIT"

<< JERRY: Don't show this one to Peter, it's apt to confuse him.

Please see my initial offering on this. I wrote:

"HPB uses the term 'Spirit' in many different ways in her writings,
sometimes to refer to Atma, or Cosmic Ideation, or the collective host of
Dhyanis, the demiurge, the Manasic entity, consciousness & so on. So I
think we need to understand what HPB is refering to by 'Spirit' and 'matter'
in the sentence you qoute above. What is the context of her statement? [ie
spirit and matter are both maya] If we look at the context we find she is
writing about "the higher Planetary Powers" appearing to the eye of the Seer



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