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Re to Morten - on Atman

Nov 16, 2001 02:29 PM
by Peter Merriott

Hi Morten,

Thanks for your thoughtful replies on this topic, especially as someone new
to the list.



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Hi Gerald,

Thank you for your answers. I have to say, that I disagree on certain of the
below remarks.

I will here not go in to all the issues.
I will just take a few short ones.

1. One finds the following below:

<<<That the Lord - i.e. ParaBrahman dwells in the heart of all of us - is
not nescessarily Bhakti Yoga thinking. It maybe just is the Heart doctrine
of Theosophy - put forward one more time adapted to you - the readers -
level on the spiritual ladder ! >>>
> To say that divinity is in the heart of every person is Theosophy. To say
that God is in the heart of every person is religion. I am sorry that you
don't see this rather wide distinction.

Answer: It certainly depends on, what definition one has on the word "Lord".
I will have to say the Theosophy is not - a- religion - it is RELIGION !!
(Look up: HPB's article: "IS THEOSOPHY A RELIGION?"; 1888 - which she made
short after the printing of SD). This article is in fact very good - one
ought to make a updated commentary on it - and put it online for beginners
to read.
HPB clearly states, that Theosophy is RELIGION. So, where are we going from
here ?
(Of course the idea in Bhagavad Gita is not, that we have God as an 'old
man' in our physical hearts - all surgeons know that.)

Excatly. One should interpret the writings one self - or read the writings
in the Akasha. To make commentaries on for instance HPB's SD would take more
time or energy, than most of the wise can afford today. But sometimes -
commentaries are written.
It is often better, that the students think, than the wise ones tell them

HPB states in the prevoius email in SD - vol.1, p. 573 - that Atma is
ParaBrahman in its final stage - (to me a stage of experience/beness - not a
stage of development). To me, that also implies, that Atma - now and here -
is ParaBrahman !! Pralaya is now - don't you see that. ParaBrahman knows the
future - you see. So where are we now ?

from the heart

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