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Re: Theos-World past lives

Nov 16, 2001 09:59 AM
by Diticat03

I had past life regression sessions many years ago through the Arthur Ford 
Institute in Miami, FL, which of course is long gone. I also had readings 
through a local psychic, who is long since crossed over, and a local 
Spiritualist Church reader/minister who I would like to find again. But 
through the regressions I learned a lot. We worked in to sort of 
'usher' the one doing the regression. If anyone knows of any sort of groups 
like that in the south Florida area I would like to get into it again. 
During the period when I had readings with the minister I was working on my 
novel Captain's Karma, about an airline crew who discover they died in a 
shipwreck and reincarnated to fly over the same shipping routes they'd once 
sailed. I was told about William T. Stead's book The Blue Island, I ordered 
it, and found that the death scenes I'd already written in CK, were very 
similar to the deaths that Stead told of in TITANIC, as he'd died in that 
shipwreck. Stead was in his time a well known Spiritualist and friend of 
Mme. Blavatsky. I've also over the years had dreams which I 'knew' were more 
than dreams...they were past life scenes.
I think that if you allow yourself to be in touch with the 'other side,' you 
will know it.

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