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RE: Theos-World three limbs

Nov 16, 2001 08:42 AM
by Peter Merriott

Hi Katinka,

Yes, that's great. When we learn to include all three then perhaps the
mindful heart can be present in each.



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> Subject: Theos-World three limbs
> Hi all,
> On another list there were three limbs of theosophical work
> mentioned. These were new to me - yet quite useful, so I am
> sharing them with you all:
> The three limbs are: study, meditation, service.
> The idea being (among others) that where the heart is
> passive, the mind is not fruitfull, and vice versa.
> Theosophical study is usually quite mental, which is both
> one of the strengths and one of the weaknesses of the
> movement IMO. In practical life the other two are needed to
> balance stuff.
> Katinka
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