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RE: Theos-World Eurasia

Nov 15, 2001 08:41 PM
by nos

'On the geopolitical level the New Eurasian concept can be viewed as
spheres or circles of strategic partnership and good-neighbour
cooperation. The 
first sphere is the Eurasian heartland made up of the Russian Federation
and the 
Commonwealth of Independent States (most of the countries of the former 
USSR). The second sphere extends to include a strategic alliance between
India, Iran, Iraq, and the Korean peninsula. The third sphere brings
cooperation to the Asia Pacific region, including the Southern
Hemisphere nations 
of Australia and New Zealand. From this grand Eurasian alliance close
relations would flourish with Africa and the states of Central and South
who are already finding their own paths to continental integration. Also
the New 
Eurasian orientation gives fresh momentum to a mutually beneficial,
peaceful and 
equitable relationship with Europe. The great land bridge of Eurasia
would bring 
together the East and the West, facilitating closer economic cooperation
and a 
heightened dialogue between cultures and civilisations. Finally, New
Eurasia offers 
the people of the West, particularly the United States, an alternative
to the 
exploitation and injustice of the American oligarchy. As Russia's
leading Eurasian 
thinker, Alexander Dugin, has emphasised: 

' At a planetary level Eurasianism means active and universal opposition

to globalisation, and is equal to the 'anti-globalist movement'. 
Eurasianism defends the blossoming complexity of peoples, religions 
and nations. All anti-globalist tendencies are intrinsically
We are consequent supporters of 'Eurasianist Federalism'. This means 
a combination of strategic unity and ethno-cultural autonomies. '

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|Sent: Friday, 16 November 2001 3:04 PM
|Subject: Re: Theos-World Eurasia
|Dear Nos,
| Exactly what countries are included in the 21st 
|Century Eurasia, I know all the western European nations, but 
|how about the eastern block and Russia. Are they included? I 
|lived in Europe for awhile, and loved it. Have you?
| Best Wishes,
| Daniel 
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|From: nos
|Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2001 9:27 PM
|Subject: Theos-World Eurasia
|'Early last century the proponents of the Eurasian idea 
|proclaimed two vital
|aphorisms: 'Know Yourself' and 'Be Yourself'. The great 
|Eurasian thinker N.S. Trubetskoi insisted that each nation 
|formed a psychological whole analogous to the complex 
|personality of the individual. Self-knowledge is the highest 
|purpose of the individual. The supreme duty of any nation, as 
|of each person, is also self-knowledge, two endeavours that 
|reinforce each other. Individuals in
|discovering themselves grow to know their national 
|characteristics, adding to the national culture. Eurasia is 
|also the harbinger of a spiritual renaissance, the rediscovery 
|of a traditional wisdom able to inspire and guide people in 
|the 21st century. Men and women in every part of the globe are 
|awakening to a new force - Eurasia.' - New Dawn Oct 2001
|The Future ?
|European Union
|African Union
|South American Union
|New World Order Union (US, Australia, NZ, Canada, Israel etc)
|I think I'll have to emigrate to Eurasia
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