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RE: Theos-World HPB's race theory, and the Secret Doctrine.

Nov 15, 2001 07:15 PM
by nos

A lecturer at Uni was giving us a lesson on the visual centres of the
brain and he used an example - which I suppose is racist unless of
course it's true - he said that african races have been shown to have -
and I can't remember the excat term he used but I'll describe it and
you'll know what I mean - when we look 'out' we see one big homogenous
picture but our brain identifies 'objects' like trees etc well white
races have an excellent ability for this but the african races are
demonstrably less able - I actually think this is what is meant by
spiritual v rational vision. Spiritual sees all as one - rational - is
distinctive and objective - creating labels etc


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|Subject: Theos-World HPB's race theory, and the Secret Doctrine.
|Mic Foster: "Yes Indigenous Tasmanians have died out and this 
|occurred through the hands of the European: It was a pure case of 
|Blavatsky's idea of evolution functions as a linear advancement, from 
|a first to a current fifth root race, yet also implies 
|earlier "inferior" races have to disappear in order for the 
|superior "white" race to evolve. 
|"The Malays and Papuans are a mixed stock, resulting from the 
|intermarriages of the low...the time is drawing near when there will 
|remain nothing but three great human types (before the Sixth 
|Root- Race dawns), the white (Aryan, Fifth Root-Race), the 
|yellow, and the 
|African negro - with their crossings (Atlanto-European divisions). 
|Redskins, Eskimos, Papuans, Australians, Polynesians, etc., etc. - 
|all are dying out. Those who realize that every Root-Race runs 
|through a gamut of seven sub-races with seven branchlets, etc., will 
|understand the 'why.' The tide-wave of incarnating Egos has rolled 
|past them to harvest experience in more developed and less senile 
|stocks; and their extinction is hence a Karmic necessity. Some 
|extraordinary and unexplained statistics as to Race extinction are 
|given in de Quatrefages' 'Human Species,' p. 428 et seq. No solution, 
|except on the occult lines, is able to account for these." (Secret 
|Doctrine part II p.780.) 
|While it is clear that any form of Race theory is open to 
|corruption - if not inherently a species of bigotry in the 
|first place - 
|Blavatsky`s is particularly amenable to racist distortion. Her 
|macrohistorical formulations graded peoples according to an arbitrary 
|judgement regarding the level of their physical and psycho-spiritual 
|development, located white Theosophists at the pinnacle of current 
|evolution, and the indigenous peoples world at the other end. 
|"'Crossing,' as it is called, of Europeans with Tasmanian women - 
|i.e., the representatives of a race, whose progenitors were 
|a 'soulless' and mindless monster and a real human, though still as 
|mindless a man - brought on sterility. This, not alone as a 
|consequence of a physiological law, but also as a decree of Karmic 
|evolution in the question of further survival of the abnormal race. 
|In no one point of the above is Science prepared to believe as yet - 
|but it will have to in the long run. Esoteric philosophy, let us 
|remember, only fills the gaps made by science and corrects her false 
|premises." (Secret Doctrine part II p. 196.) 
|"Australian savages. Nevertheless, even these are not descended from 
|the anthropoid apes, but from human fathers and semi-human mothers, 
|or, to speak more correctly, from human monsters -". (Secret Doctrine 
|part II p. 162.) 
|This view however is in discrepancy with the Theosophical central 
|value of 'universal brotherhood' because people, bound by their 
|racial destiny or non-destiny, were no longer seen as equal. 
|The above mentioned Tasmanians were in fact willfully mass murdered 
|and exterminated. Several thousand "white fifth race" settlers were 
|formed into a line to sweep over the countryside. Only two hundred 
|Aborigines survived and were banned to an island away from their 
|homes, where all of them indeed died. There are no Tasmanians 
|anymore. And certainly none of those whose 'extinction' is supposed 
|to have been 'a Karmic necessity,' would have, died out as long they 
|had been left in peace, like the Malays for example. 
|Formerly a prominent member of the TS, A. Baily/Dwal Khul, proclaimed 
|on the day that the atom bomb was dropped on Nagasaki that it was 
|ushering in a new age by releasing cosmic energy, linking the nuclear 
|flash with the Light of the initiate. Surely even more disturbing is 
|the ex theosophists view on the effect of using the atomic firestorm 
|on thousands of living Japanese. "Bailey / D. K. go on to say that 
|the Japanese, whose nervous system is of the 4th root-race, were due 
|to be destroyed" . and the consequent release of their imprisoned 
|souls is a necessary happening; it is the justification of the use of 
|the atomic bomb on the Japanese population." (A. Baily, The 
|Externalization of the Hierarchy, p. 497) And where does that leave 
|all the others "whose nervous system is of the 4th root-race" living 
|in the US itself, Europe, and elsewhere in the world? This only to 
|show the influence Blavatsky's teachings had on others, and A. Baily 
|was certainly influenced by Blavatsky's teachings. 
|The excuse that races, as described in the Secret Doctrine, could 
|also be interpreted as impermanent, evolutionary, and involving 
|aspects of consciousness is irrelevant if one in the final analysis 
|is referring to people that live among us right now. 
|These are dangerous views: 'Lower' races, beget lower intelligence, 
|which leads to licentiousness and destruction; Darker tanned kings 
|lose to lighter skinned ones; Those 'higher' races have the most 
|developed mind, and are thus considered superior; The Teutonic race 
|is destined to conquer the world; The north Indian (supposedly Aryan) 
|is superior to the south Indian (supposedly not Aryan, whose 
|Dravidian ancestry instead links him to the Lemurians, a lower and 
|former race); The Semitic peoples have a dubious position, which 
|links to Christian notions; The descendants of the Lemurians, who 
|have not been mixed with other races, come into the present age as 
|Africans, Australian aborigines, Tasmanians. 
|Thus although the esoteric philosophy of Theosophy opposed 
|Christianity and Western science, many similar lines of thought are 
|reproduced in other forms. 
|Destruction, it may be noted, always ends one racial civilization. 
|Allied to the deceptivly scientific rationalisation of Blavatsky's 
|Race Theory was the singular notion of its divine origin. The Secret 
|Doctrine, it must be remembered, was presented as a commentary on the 
|sacred, more or less documentary, "Book of Dzyan". Coupled with the 
|(Atlantean!) antiqity of this work was the idea that the teachings 
|mediated to Blavatsky by a Brotherhood of perfected men wich had 
|watched over the unfolding of human evolution "from its inception". 
|In the West the disparaging views on the theosophical theory have 
|overshadowed its contribution to the movement against colonialism. In 
|the East, where the Theosophists also have become a marginal societal 
|phenomenon, they are indeed still remembered for their practical 
|contribution to the organization of education and political 
|agitation. In this respect, their counter-movement could gain enough 
|legitimacy to retain a historical place in the struggle for Indian 
|independence. In practice their counter-hegemony to colonialism was 
|directly subversive only in the context of certain aspects of Eastern 
|colonized societies. In relation to other societies colonized by the 
|British (West), as for example Australia, New Zealand, Africa and 
|North America, their subversive role needs to be reassessed. 
| Brigitte
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