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RE: The cause of the whole manvantara --MAYA -- H P B

Nov 13, 2001 03:52 PM
by dalval14

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Dear Friends:

As I see it: How can we talk of Maya (even if the Buddha did)
unless there is a contrast -- non-Maya.

You can not see LIGHT unless there is DARKNESS. Both are non
perceptible unless there is some obstruction which serves as a
mirror, a screen or a reflector. But before we even use this
metaphor. Where is LIGHT ON THE PATH generated? Why is it
generated? What is its superiority if anything over DARKNESS ?
Can we secure answers to these questions of cause and necessity?
Then the usefulness of the example becomes clearer.

We seem to have field of limitations in which Light and darkness,
and, screen or obstruction appear to be essential to describing
this recondite concept of "MAYA, and NON-MAYA.

No one is a Maya to themselves. But others may be called "maya"
because we, as stable points, of observation observe their
changes. No doubt they reciprocate.

If we combine the two reports (or more) we have TESTIMONY.

This in turn, generates "faith, and "belief."

Proof, however, is always interior to ourselves.

Our opinions and conclusions can be shared and exposed to the
scrutiny of others -- perhaps in the hope of constructive
criticism are of some valuable modification we may have

Those are opinions until such time as they become stable concepts
somewhere, and we assume that stability is an attribute not of
Spirit, but of the indescribable SOURCE of both Spirit and
Matter: the ABSOLUTE. And for IT we assume universality in
Space, and non-differentiation in matter, and eternity as to
duration. We also assume that it is simultaneously motion and

Undoubtedly there are many different words for those concepts,
but any concept that is to be considered, as I see it, is not to
rely on dead-letter interpretations. But, rather to secure the
meaning BEHIND THOSE WORDS USED. Thus we change from the "Eye
doctrine" to the "Heart Doctrine." ( And rarely the "Eye
Doctrine" has the flexibility to admit that the "Heart Doctrine"
is superior.

In recent postings I have seen several writers refer to H P B's
writings as erroneous. concerning her life and work I see again
the accusations of fraud, and duplicity, and inaccuracy. I find
it strange that none of these actually advance any evidence of
their broad accusations. It would seem they are quite unfamiliar
with Sylvia Cranston's definitive biography of H P B -- in which
documents have been made available that settle all such
accusations. It is regrettable that these unsupported statements
reappear. One wonders what impels such repetition and especially
in the face of the facts that have demonstrated the contrary.

Best wishes,


P S	I add a question below:


-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Merriott
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2001 1:23 PM
Subject: The cause of the whole manvantara

> JERRY: The notion that there is "an immortal and enduring SELF
> each being" is the core of maya, the central ignorance that
> this whole manvantara going.


I don't believe that is quite accurate. Surely it is the notion
that there
is a *SEPARATE* self that is the core of our own particular human
Maya and

The idea that our ignorance is the one thing that keeps "the
manvantara" going seems somewhat exoteric and superficial, if not
grandiose. Will the entire Manvantara and all the future
Manvantaras, the
periodical and regular manifestations of the One Self Existing
Reality (i.e.
Parabrahm) all come to an end when we truly realise we are not
separate from
one another?



Do WE set up a sphere of individualized MAYA around us? How?

Are we the creators of this Universe, or do we share in it ?

Why and How do others seem to play valid parts in OUR UNIVERSE
if it is the PERSONAL MAYA we have created?

Finally WHAT ARE WE IGNORANT OF ? And why are we called
ignorant if the "Ray of the ONE SPIRIT" happens to be an interior

What causes us not to see the Wisdom of the SPIRIT?

Can any one claim to know more about us that we do? If so, how
can that be proved?


Maybe the KOSMOS with its cycles of rest and activity, the
playground of numberless Universes, is much, much grander and far
meaningful than the pitiful stage of selfishness and separateness
that our
current humanity is going through.



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