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RE: Theos-World Questions to Frank Reitemeyer , and HPB not a sex pervert.

Nov 12, 2001 03:34 PM
by nos

Briggitte - Just because a court decide something - hardly means it's
true. Look at David Irvings trials, Nuremberg, Milosevic's trial, even
OJ Simpson. Courts are constantly manipulated - it's all part of that
wacky demoncracy scheme where everybody gets a say - but lawyers get the

Let's ignore the protocols shall we then - regardless of the court case.
Forget about them - they're gone. Instead lets look at actual real world
events that are taking place (and have taken place).

Joachim and Boaz have fallen ....


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|Sent: Tuesday, 13 November 2001 12:15 AM
|Subject: Theos-World Questions to Frank Reitemeyer , and HPB 
|not a sex pervert.
|Frank: Yes, and it was proofed that Blavatsky is a fraud, a liar and 
|a sex pervert.
|Was HPB working in defense of the Aryans or was she not? 
|Did HPB teach that the Jewish world view (black magic, materialism, 
|phallicism, dead letter interpretation, which they all handed down to 
|the Jesuits) is a malediction or a blessing? And did HPB teach that 
|evil doing is a support to the first aim of Universal Brotherhood or 
|did she teach that it is a barrier? 
|Do you think that Aryan science and the age-old knowledge of Aryans 
|would have been far more worse than the faked Jewish science of 
|Did Hitler fight against the Jesuits (the Jewish dugpa elite) or did 
|he not? 
|And didn't Hitler warn the other governments against the new plots of 
|the Jews and a new world war when the world Jewry declared again war 
|on Germany? 
|Didn't Hitler made several serious and most level-headed peace offers 
|to his democratic aggressors? 
|BTW, the fact that the conventional theosophist of today is a 
|unconscious supporter of the dark side - as many if not most 
|activities of the so-called theosophical organizations of today 
|support the dark side - is not the wants the evil but rather that he 
|thirts for the good so much that he is unable to see that others can 
|think otherwise and he therefore denies that evil doers exists. That 
|is the main support for the dark side of the power.
|Brigitte: There is an antisemitic remark by Blavatsky in a letter, 
|but that letter is not about the Rotschilds, Frank will probably have 
|the link to the english translation of the letter, since you made the 
|translation, I only remember the german one wich is at the bottom 
|However Frank with your remarks above that are essentially about the 
|Protocols you seem to imply HPB would have approved of the Protocols, 
|why ?
|And since the Protocols in a major court case in Bern Switzerland 
|led by proffesional prosecuters who established that beyond 
|reasonable doubt the protocols are a fake, to begin with. Connecting 
|any of Blavatsky's statements to the protocols seems not to make any 
|sense atoll ?
|Or if you are not simple lying, where is there any evidence why, ore 
|even that "HPB warn the public about the Rothschild conspiracy" as 
|you mention ?
|And can you show where the following report would not be true 
| Brigitte
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