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Brigitte Mühlegger 's tidbit about "Dr. Tillet is a priest. . . ."

Nov 12, 2001 11:10 AM
by Blavatsky Archives

Dear Brigitte,

Below you wrote that a well-informed researcher conveyed to you that 
(to quote your own words):

"Dr. Tillet is a priest in a neo-Aleister Crowley Church among 

Brigitte, I may not be the deepest thinking person on the planet but 
I fail to see what relevance this tidbit has to do to anything in 
relation to the central issue raised by Dr. Brendan French earlier on 
this forum. The questions that need to be answered do not concern 
whether Dr. Tillett is or is not a priest of this or that church or 
group, but the real questions are:

(1) Did YOU [Brigitte Mühlegger] publish various writings of Dr. 
French on your History of Theosophy website?

(2) Did YOU [Brigitte Mühlegger] get the permission of Dr. French
to publish his writings on your site?

(3) Did YOU [Brigitte Mühlegger] incorporate into some of your 
various editorials unacknowledged excerpts (sans quotation marks) 
from Dr. French's writings?

Hoping that you will face these issues brought up by Dr. French and 
answer them directly on this forum for all truthseeking readers.


Brigitte wrote:
> Greg Tillet incorectly stated on theos -talk recently that the 
> University of Vienna "may now be addressing its attention", this is 
> wrong.
> asking him, Dr.Harald Rindler, member of the board of directors of 
> the University of Vienna wrote me that he himself send a mail to 
> gregory@z... clearly stating to Tillet/Brendan that:" This 
> matter does not concern us." 
> Also Dr Rindler contacted the University of Sydney apparently 
> prompting him to write Tillet/Brendan also: "Independently I made 
> some investigations about you and by now I regret, that I have 
> answered your first letter."
> Another researcher this one well informed about Sydney the occult 
> ritual magic scene in Sydney that had some interresting tings to 
> about the duo Tillet/French. (Dr. Tillet is a priest in a neo-
> Aleister Crowley Church among others)
> Brigitte
> PS One particular person apparently formerly belonging to that  
> (occult/ritual magic) scene, just sends me a longer e-mail that I 
> still have to read, looks rather schokking tough.

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