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Re: Theos-World Re: To Brigitte

Nov 12, 2001 04:54 AM
by Steve Stubbs

Didn't the
> Buddha say that 
> enlightenment can be obtained in seven Lives, years,
> months, weeks, days, 
> hours, minutes, or seven instants?

The Buddha is said traditionally to have spent seven
years in his quest for enlightenment, and finally to
have resolved to sit beneath the Bodhi tree and not
rise until he attained it. He neither atem drank, no
slept. One morning he saw the morning star and his
mind opene up. It was the seventh day. Zen students
do a seven day retreat called a Rohatsu in
commemoration of this event.

As for seven instats. the instant in which one's mind
opens up is the instant in which one's min opens up. 
It can happen at any time but tends to come about
after some preparation.


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