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Brigitte, who was the owner/editor of the History of Theosophy website?

Nov 11, 2001 08:49 AM
by Blavatsky Archives

Dear Brigitte,

I have received several emails asking me about the "History of 
Theosophy" website. I had always assumed that you were the editor of 
the site at and responsible 
for posting all items on the site. But in light of the recent 
exchanges on the Theos-talk forum, I cannot assume anything and 
therefore cannot answer those questions. 

I collate the questions received by me and give them as follows:

1. Who was/is the owner of the History of Theosophy website at ?

2. Who was/is the editor of the History of Theosophy website at ?

3. Who was responsible for placing on that website at the various writings of Dr. 
Brendan French?

4. Who wrote the editorials on that website that Dr. French has 
mentioned in his previous post on this forum?

I agree with one of my correspondents that these are questions that 
are begging for forthright answers.

As you are a scholar and mathematican, I would assume you would want 
your reading public to know the precise truth about these troubling 
issues brought up by Dr. French and Dr. Tillett.

Hoping that you will set the matter straight for me and readers of 


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