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Theos-World Re: To Peter

Nov 11, 2001 06:45 AM
by Nisk98114

(Peter)-->"Metaphysically speaking, it is of course an absurdity to talk of 
the 'development' of a Monad . . . It stands to reason that a MONAD cannot
either progress or develop, or even be affected by the changes of states it 
passes through. IT IS NOT OF THIS WORLD OR PLANE, and may be compared only
to an indestructible star of divine light or fire, thrown down on to our 
Earth as a plank of salvation for the personalities in which it indwells.
It is for the latter to cling to it; thus partaking of its divine nature, 
immortality. Left to itself the Monad will cling to no one; but, like the
'plank', will be drifted away to another incarnation by the unresting current 
of evolution." (SD I 175)>>>

JERRY: I agree with this quote. But tell me, what does it mean then, to say 
that the mineral monad becomes a vegetable monad, which becomes a human 
monad, and so on? If the monads don't evolve, what does?
(reply)--> Maybe just coatings of the spark , perhaps?

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