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Re: Theos-World theos-talk and sub-races

Nov 11, 2001 03:12 AM
by teos9

In a message dated 11/8/2001 8:13:09 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> Could it be that all the "sheep" within the formal theosophical 
> organizations belong to 6th, 7th,.... races/subraces?

Not very likely Doss. If even a few, formal or otherwise, displayed any of 
those characteristics, this would be an entirely different list. In fact, 
even those terms exclude each other. "Sheep" a slowly moving pack/herding 
animal is a prime example of a follower, as in needing a leader. "Sixth" 
(root race) symbolic representation of fully functioning intuitive, with an 
instant non verbal knowledge base as part of the personality makeup. 
"Seventh" denoting the final development of the use of will as a source of 

I would say we are a LONG way from that, wouldn't you?


>Could it be that all the "sheep" within the formal theosophical 
>organizations belong to 6th, 7th,.... races/subraces?

At 04:56 PM 11/8/01 -0800, you wrote:
>Reading a bit of Leadbeater today and found some of
>his thoughts to be very relevent to this list. He
>talks about the Aryans being the 5th great root race
>concerned with the development of the mental body. He
>states how the 5th sub-race of the Aryan race is
>concerned with differences. He gives the example of
>how the Christian church is sub-divided along lines of
>petty conflict. Leadbeater goes on to say that the 6th
>sub-race is more concerned with agreement and
>synthesis. It would appear that many of us on this
>list are still stuck, well and truly, in the 5th sub-race.

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