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RE: Theosophy, Gayatri and R C Ritualism

Nov 10, 2001 03:06 AM
by dalval14

Saturday, November 10, 2001

Dear Friends:

Re Similarity of Robert Crosbie rituals and methods to
Hinduism and Buddhism -- The Church borrowed them.

If you read the 2nd vol. of ISIS UNVEILED you will find how
H.P.Blavatsky traces the Catholic church in its rituals and
observations copied them all from Hinduism and Buddhism -- as now
practised in Tibet. It seeks to obliterate this pilferage, and
prohibits its adherents from reading and investigating anything
that would reveal the coincidences.

Use the INDEX to ISIS UNVEILED and discover for yourself the many
ways in which this was done, and then hidden.

Best wishes,



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> Since the mantras are a practice and not a theory, the
> only way to get at their meaning would be to do the
> traditional 108 repetitions a day. I use a rosary I
> bought in a Catholic gift store to keep up with the
> repetitions. It has 54 beads on it, which means two
> rounds come to 108. Interesting coincidence, is it
> not, that Catholics and Hindus and Buddhists all use
> the same number of reps?
> In the case of Hindu mantras, they are sung, whereas
> Buddhist mantras are murmured. To do the Gayatri you
> would therefore have to listen to someone else a few
> times to get the correct music and rhythm.
> Once you start, the mantra may open up to you, but
> traditionally you must stay with it for a minimum of
> forty days (realistically as long as it takes) and the
> slightest tendency to try to penetrate its secret
> intellectually will prevent you from finding it. This
> is not an intellectual exercise. You must yearn to
> penetrate the mystery but non-analytically. The true
> secret transcends discursive reasoning, and can
> neither be spoken nor written.


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