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RE: Races, Globes, Rounds and "sub-races" -- S D I 200

Nov 09, 2001 04:47 AM
by dalval14

Friday, November 09, 2001

Re: Our present position on the ladder of Rounds and

Dear Friend MKR... Mic ... and others ....

A most curious and interesting topic. How can we make
application in our own lives?

As I look at the problem you present it seems to me to involve
almost the whole of our Philosophy. In my studies I bring up to
consider, the following, and it will be for you to decide if that
which I perceive there is also what H P B and the Masters who
co-authored The SECRET DOCTRINE meant to say. Of necessity I
only take up a few main points. Each student will have developed
their own views and these ought to be considered also. In final
fact, each makes up their own minds as to what is reality and
what is the best expression of truth they wish to hold in their
memories. We all have similar problems and we are all
co-students, seeking to know deeper and fuller what the
historical and Scientific, and Philosophical teachings of
Theosophy represent.

There is much for us all to learn, and as I am not sure I know or
can present all that is fair and accurate, I would ask you to
consider the following: And, also, for that reason, I would
recommend as a prior study (if not already done) the 300 pages
of the KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB) -- as it presents the main points
of evolution that concern us at this stage of our ethical and
moral development, vis a vis the 7 Principles. If one also
studies the 200 pages of the OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY (Judge) one
acquires in addition, a synthetic (coherent and cohesive,
logical) view of the wisdom that The SECRET DOCTRINE presents.
Both books deserve close attention. They are "on-line" at .

Considering the question, and as I look at a portion of the
available information: --

Can we start by looking at the diagram on SECRET DOCTRINE, Vol.
I, p. 200, and also from time to time, referring to the some of
the material (taken from the INDEX to The SECRET DOCTRINE ) on
the subject of "Rounds, Globes and Races," it would appear that
the "Races," "Globes," "Rounds," etc..., are measures of time.
During these periods the host of humanity develops the use and
control of the 7 Principles and their relative faculties. These
designations would then, rather not serve us, today as a
designation of the quality and growth, or capacity, of our
present cutting edge of mankind's progress..

As I see it: Mankind is made up of Units of consciousness
(Monads). As {Atma-Buddhi} conjoined, they are eternal beings
and share directly in the Wisdom of the Universe as it many

But the Monads we now call "human" (ourselves), came from the
same common, distant past in the SPIRITUAL sense, and have since
then been through all the many kinds of "forms" in the common
experiences of evolution, which has enabled them to grow in
Intelligence, and become INDIVIDUALIZED. {This process is
described in detail in SECRET DOCTRINE, Vol. I. The STANZAS
give us a quick overview, but the Commentary that H P B offers,
gives the step by step details. As "Students Of Theosophy," we
ought to familiarize ourselves with The SECRET DOCTRINE , as our
present incarnation has offered us the inestimable boon of being
closely incarnated to the SOURCE of WISDOM which Theosophy
represents for the whole of Mankind. }

If I read the S D correctly, there exists in fact, three lines of
evolution ( S D I 181 ) conjoined in Man: 1. The SPIRITUAL, 2.
the Intellectual, and 3. the physical. Every explanation is
vital to our progress in WISDOM.

If we read what H P B presents to us in S D I 570-575, we will
note that all Monads are divided into 7 classes -- and bear a
relationship direct to one of the 7 Primordial Dhyani Buddhas
responsible for the overseeing of the re-creation of the
Universe. This basic 7 x 7 pattern is important to understand.
But it neither defines nor limits the potentials of any one

We have the whole pattern to learn, use and develop as active
brotherly faculties in our own character. Their multiplicity is
AN INDICATION OF our potential UNIVERSALITY, and not of any
personal limitation. The present is ephemeral and ends with our
physical death. The continuing REINCARNATING EGO gathers the
fruit of our life and continues in its majestic progress towards
the Goal of SUPREME PERFECTION at the end of the Manvantara. Let
us try and see what The SECRET DOCTRINE revels to us.

The FIRST SEVEN are the Creative Dhyani Buddhas. In turn they
each have 7 hosts of Monads that belong to their hierarchy. Each
of us is in one of these 7 hosts. But we are not limited to that
alone, since there are 7 other qualities (Principles) that with
the ORIGINAL 7 form a kind of "grid:"
the Primeval SEVEN -- symbolized by the interlaced TRIANGLES, is
itself seven-fold.

7 x 7 = 49. This is symbolized by the 49 (50) "FIRES" which are
a part of us [ the 49 are synthesized in the 1, making a total of
50 ].

As we progress through the vast pattern of evolution (S D I
200) we see the Sacred Four (as a cube) developing, the 7 x 7 x
7 = 343. [See S D II 600 footnote] But this is only to say
we have much to learn and far to go, as I see it. If we are
serious students, then the rest of the "spare moments" of this
incarnation will be well spent if we study and the diffuse to
others what we have learned.

The present emphasis in Theosophical doctrine, is to draw our
attention to the Karmic effect of all our choices. Our entire
individual progress depends on our understanding that all
evolution (including our own) is under the immutable and
invariable LAW of KARMA. We make our own destiny. We are
presently reaping in this incarnation, (the present) the Karma we
created by our choices in our past lives. This is an
ethico-moral Universe and the choices we make will produce
inevitable effects which we will then suffer or enjoy. Only the
development of the mind and its logical faculties will enable us
to "see" this accurately and personally. To perceive, and then
apply, is the saving "Path" for our "personal consciousness --
our present Kama-Manas. This is what the Divine Tutor within,
the Buddhi-Manas desires us to understand. [ See TRANSACTIONS OF
THE BLAVATSKY LODGE pp 66 - 77; BLAVATSKY: Collected Works
(TPH) Vol. 10, pp. 252 - 263 ]

In actual point of fact, the Immortal Monad, in each of taken
case by case, passes through those stages, and H P B says that
she took the liberty of calling them (those imperishable Monads),
as they developed various faculties, by the general designations:
mineral Monad, vegetable Monad, animal Monad, and human Monad.
For those Monads that "graduated" from the human stage (presently
in general Kama-Manasic) to the Buddhi-Manasic stage (the Races 6
and 7 in the limits of GLOBE D) we are all still confronted by
the enormous period of future evolution which is comprised in
Rounds 5, 6 and 7 when, at the end, we will indeed be INDIVIDUAL

She also indicated that as we (the human Monads), progress by
self-induced and self-devised efforts out of the merely
Kama-Manasic stage (our present general condition -- known, as
she designated it, the Aryan or 5th Race -- S D I 527fn --)
into the Buddhi-Manasic stage (which would be the 6th stage
(BUDDHIC) of general evolution on GLOBE D).

It would be (as a progression) because of our own mastery of the
WISDOM to be acquired from a study or our own make-up; and the
make-up of the Earth and system we live in. This, of course, in
the 7 x 7 = 49 stages of evolution in each ROUND, would be
placing us (in general), still in "Globe D" but then in the 6th
Race of Globe D. In that time and situation, the generality of
human Monads would be overshadowed by the capacities of
INDIVIDUALIZED BUDDHI as developed in the 4th Round (that where
the Principle of KAMA is being perfected.)

The 7th Stage (call it the 7th Race on this Globe D) might bear
a designation indicating the incarnation of the Atmic Ray in and
through the aggregation of Monads of lesser experience, which are
represented by the Intellectual and the Physical lines of
Evolution during this Round, in which KAMA is being experienced
in full.

And mankind, as a host of eternal Monads, would become by their
own individual efforts, a "race" of Buddhas and Christs" (S D II
415 - bottom) -- all are indications of the potential that we can
raise ourselves to the level of becoming Great Adepts. [The
Gayatri verse indicates this potential to us. See Judge : A
COMMENTARY ON THE GAYATRI, PATH, January, 1893] But she made it
plain that this was to be attained only by our own efforts.

The 7 PRINCIPLES give us an idea of what particular powers can be
developed in us. Our present "position" as a Human Race group at
this time appears to be Round 4 (KAMA), 4th Globe or: "Globe D"
(KAMA), Race 5 (Aryan) MANAS, Sub-race 5 (MANAS) This appears
to indicate we have at present the potential of breaking the
chains that Kama has laid on our development and of ascending to
the independence of free-thought, indicated as the MANASIC stage
and principle that the ARYAN 5th Race ought to be doing.

It is probable that the presentation of THEOSOPHY at this stage
is an effort to help Humanity as a whole to become aware of this
opportunity and make use of it.

I append hereto Mr; Judge's A COMMENTARY ON THE GAYATRI. It is
worth reading.

============ GAYATRI ================


Unveil, O Thou who givest sustenance to the Universe, from whom
all proceed, to whom all must return, that face of the True Sun
now hidden by a vase of golden light, that we may see the truth
and do our whole duty on our journey to thy sacred seat.
- The Gayatri

I have adopted a translation as above, which is excellent in its
giving of the meaning of this verse. What is the Gayatri? It is
the sacred verse of the Hindus and begins with Om, their sacred
word and letter. Its first words are: Om, Bhur, Bhuvah!

The first word contains in it a declaration of the three periods
of a Manvantara and the three powers of that great Being who
alone Is. Of a manvantara it is the beginning, the middle, and
the end, and the three powers are Creation (or manifesting),
Preservation (or carrying on), and Destruction. The three first
words, Om, bhur, bhurvah, draw attention to and designate the
three worlds. The whole verse is an aspiration in the highest
sense. Every Brahman at his initiation is further instructed in
this verse, but from giving that I am necessarily excused, as I
cannot give it in a way in which I have not received it.

Unveil is the cry of the man who is determined to know the truth
and who perceives that something hides it from him. It is hidden
by his own Karmic effects, which have put him now where the brain
and the desires are too strong for the higher self to pierce
through so long as he remains careless and ignorant. The cry is
not made to some man-made god with parts, passions, and
attributes, but to the Self above who seeth in secret and
bringeth out to light. It is directed to that on which the
Universe is built and standeth, - no other than the Self which is
in every man and which sitteth like a bird in a tree watching
while another eats the fruit.

>From this the whole Universe proceeds out into manifestation. The
ancients held that all things whatsoever existed in fact solely
in the idea, and therefore the practitioner of Yoga was taught -
and soon discovered - that sun, moon, and stars were in himself,
and until he learned this he could not proceed. This doctrine is
very old, but today is adopted by many modern reasoners. For they
perceive on reflection that no object enters the eye, and that
whether we perceive through sight or feeling or any other sense
whatever all objects are existing solely in idea. Of old this was
demonstrated in two ways.

First, by showing the disciple the actual interpenetration of one
world by another. As that while we live here among those things
called objective by us, other beings were likewise living in and
among us and our objects and therein actually carrying on their
avocations, perceiving the objects on their plane as objective,
and wholly untouched by and insensible to us and the objects we
think so material.

This is no less true today than it was then. And if it were not
true, modern hypnotism, clairvoyance, or clairaudience would be
impossible. This was shown by a second method precisely similar
to mesmeric and hypnotic experiments, only that to these was
added the power to make the subject step aside from himself and
with a dual consciousness note his own condition. For if a
barrier of wood were erected in the sight of the subject which he
clearly perceived and knew was wood, impervious to sight and an
obstacle to movement, yet when hypnotised he saw it not, yet
could perceive all objects behind it which were hidden in his
normal state, and when he pressed against it thinking it to be
empty air and feeling naught but force, he could not pass but
wondered why the empty air restrained his body.

This is modern and ancient. Clearly it demonstrates the
illusionary nature of objectivity. The objectivity is only real
relatively, for the mind sees no objects whatever but only their
idea, and at present is conditioned through its own evolution
until it shall have developed other powers and qualities.

The request made in the verse to unveil the face of the True Sun
is that the Higher Self may shine down into us and do its work of
illumination. This also spreads forth a natural fact unknown to
moderns, which is that the sun we see is not the true sun, and
signifies too that the light of intellect is not the true sun of
our moral being.

Our forefathers in the dim past knew how to draw forth through
the visible Sun the forces from the True one. We have temporarily
forgotten this because our evolution and descent into the hell of
matter, in order to save the whole, have interposed a screen.
They say in Christian lands that Jesus went into hell for three

This is correct, but not peculiar to Jesus. Humanity is doing
this for three days, which is merely the mystical way of saying
that we must descend into matter for three periods so immense in
time that the logarithm of one day is given to each period.
Logarithms were not first known to Napier, but were taught in the
pure form of the mysteries, because alone by their use could
certain vast calculations be made.

Which is now hidden by a vase of Golden Light. That is, the light
of the True Sun - the Higher Self - is hidden by the blood
contained in the vase of the mortal body. The blood has two
aspects - not here detailed - in one of which it is a helper to
perception, in the other a hindrance. But it signifies here the
passions and desires, Kama, the personal self, the thirst for
life. It is this that veils from us the true light. So long as
desire and the personality remain strong, just so long will the
light be blurred, so long will we mistake words for knowledge and
knowledge for the thing we wish to know and to realize.
The object of this prayer is that we may carry out our whole
duty, after becoming acquainted with the truth, while we are on
our journey to thy Sacred Seat.

This is our pilgrimage, not of one, not selfishly, not alone, but
the whole of humanity. For the sacred seat is not the Brahmanical
heaven of Indra, nor the Christian selfish heaven acquired
without merit while the meritorious suffer the pains of hell. It
is that place where all meet, where alone all are one. It is when
and where the three great sounds of the first word of the prayer
merge into one soundless sound. This is the only proper prayer,
the sole saving aspiration.


Path, January, 1893


Best wishes, and hope this helps,



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