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when to purge messages from the archives

Nov 06, 2001 09:25 AM
by Eldon B Tucker


It's about 9 AM here, and I'm at work at the
moment. I have time for an occasional quick
message between running various computer jobs,
but most things I'd need to tend to will have
to wait into I get home.

On the Internet, in terms of mailing lists,
a two-to-three day turn around to people
responding to messages is typical, unless
someone happens to be online at the time and
has the time to spend. You could post something
and someone may not read the message for a
few days.

Since it's been less than an hour since you've
made your request, you're being too hasty in
concluding anything about what I may do.

Your request to remove some messages from the
archives comes just after I indicated that I
would remove messages in violation of copyright,
if they were challenged. But your request was
regarding messages related to "unproven
accusations" against you, not a violation of
copyright. I'll review your request later today,
when I get home from work.

Meanwhile, I might ask anyone on the list
what their ideas would be on my doing this
sort of archival purge. Should I delete from
the archives any messages that someone says
unfairly attacks them? If so, should I do so
always, or only in the case when someone is
making charges of criminal misconduct?

-- Eldon

At 04:52 PM 11/6/01 +0000, you wrote:
I have requested certain messages to be removed and quoted the
reasons for that, however since you have not removed them I have to
make you responsible for any damages that occur as a result from
that period.

In the earlier mail you mentioned that "With an unmoderated mailing
list, I cannot control in advance what someone on the list will
forward to the list or write on it. But if someone challenges
particular messages, I can take them out of the

However you failed to indicate how you can be reached except for
posting public messages to you and hoping you will want to read them.
Therefore I have to request you now to emediatly also remove this
message, and als message:
Plus this message now.
Including also :

Based on the above I have to make you responsible for any damages
that occur during the period that these messages are vissible to
third partys.

Brigitte Muehlegger

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