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Re: Theos-World Continuing, extended unauthorized publication

Nov 06, 2001 04:38 AM
by gregory

This scandalous, dishonest response can only be taken to be indicative of 
the moral character of the author. Where did the material from Dr 
French's thesis originate? Did the new (?) controller of the History of 
Theosophy website acquire it from the akashic records? did it fall fully 
formed from the astral plane onto the new (?) web site? Only one person 
who could have placed it on the new (?) web site has been given access to 
this material - Muehlegger. Having been challenged for her theft of the 
author's material on one web site, she moves it to another. For profit? 
or just because the violation of another (competent) scholar's rights is 
an obsession she cannot resist? or because the fact that those who work 
hard and produce original research which achieves international acclaim 
provokes an irrational envy which needs to damage that which it has no 
hope of creating? And where, oh where, are the threats of litigation and 
defending reputation .....

Dr Gregory Tillett

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