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Re: Brigitte Muehlegger on Henry Olcott and the

Nov 04, 2001 08:14 AM
by Katinka Hesselink

Hi Daniel,

You perhaps don't know this, but the archives of Universal
Seekers are not open. That automatically means that these
references will not lead to anyplace for a non-member of
that group. 


> From: "Blavatsky Archives"
> <>
> Subject: Brigitte Muehlegger on Henry Olcott and the
> Theosophical Masters: Part I
> (1) In an Oct 7th posting to Universal Seekers [a Yahoo!
> Group], Bill 
> Meredith wrote:
> "KH and M are presented as individual entities to whom
> HPB prostrated
> herself in an almost worshipful adoration."
> The above quoted from

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