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A note on E-mail postings...

Nov 04, 2001 05:20 AM
by Nisk98114

To all people who post on this list particularly from AOL when you are 
writing to the list please do not use your forward or reply button to reply 
to the list as this includes "miles" of technical routing and MIME info (in 
otherwords JUNK).
The way to do it is to go to WRITE MAIL get a blank e-mail message box , 
minimize it and use your mouse to copy only the text you wish to use from any 
other e-mail.
After you drag your mouse while holding the button down this will HIGHLIGHT 
the text you wish to use.Leave off the left button then push the right button 
to get a drop down menu that has COPY listed on it. Push that.(the text is 
now on the clipboard).
Now go back to your blank e-mail and put the mouse cursor in the message part 
and press the right mouse button to see another drop down menu that will say 
Select that with the mouse cursor and your text will appear in your message.
Proceed to write your message then send.
This way it eliminates all the excess routing and MIME that goes with a 
message.It cuts down on endless scrolling through messages received.
Happy E-mailing!!

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