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RE: Theos-World human rights

Nov 01, 2001 09:31 PM
by nos

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|From: Eldon B Tucker [] 
|Sent: Friday, 2 November 2001 3:36 PM
|Subject: RE: Theos-World human rights
|At 03:13 PM 11/2/01 +1030, you wrote:
|>So Under article One - as a rastafarian am I still allowed to partake 
|>of my spiritual herb the illegal Cannabis Sativa?
|>Article 1 contradicts the ban on SOMA.
|Despite the attempt to allow general freedoms, there's
|an obvious bias in America, and elsewhere, based upon
|the religious and philosophical views of those that rule.
|There's an effort to keep things fair and open in
|America, but I can think of examples where traditional 
|Christian values affect things. One is with the Mormons, which 
|would be for polygamy. Having multiple wives in Arab states 
|may be allowed, but not in America. I'm sure we could think of 
|more examples.
|Even though selected freedoms are disallowed, in
|balance, I think things are fairly good. Depending
|upon someone's interests and background, they may
|or may not agree with me. But I think most people
|would prefer life here to life in some other large
|state like China or Russia.
|-- Eldon

Yes but the fundamental freedom to decide what goes into your body is
worth more than any otherlaw on the planet.

Have you done a poll on peoples living preferences?

If you are free tomove and to talk to people and have gatherings what
more do you need?

Fun is in company.

I've read many tales of the great comraderie built up by people in
countries you see as bad.

Then you see all the hollywood films about the life of the US. It's only
good for those on high incomes in safe neighbourhoods with good lawyers.
For the minorites and the thousands in jail for drug offences it's more
draconian than any orwelliam nightmare. 

Rose coloured glasses baby


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