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RE: [bn-study] RE:Masters -- and OURSELVES -- What makes us "tick?" .... IDEALISM

Nov 01, 2001 10:19 AM
by dalval14

Thursday, November 01, 2001

Dear Pedro:

Re: Is there any one who does absolutely nothing?

Re; Are ideals, aspirations, altruism, virtues non-existent ?

As far as I know there is hardly any one alive who does not, at some time,
make decisions to DO SOMETHING.

Even such mundane things as breathing the air, or eating, or performing
hundreds of functions concerned with living and assisting one’s family and

Broadly, one could say that idealism and altruism represent expressions of
human activities based on responsibility, on law, on brotherhood.

Regardless of any choice or non-choice of a “goal” there is in each of us
something that lures us on. What is that ?

The alternative is total immobility, inertia -- and the fact we do not
practice that, is significant, is it not ? What then impels us forward?
Why do we even communicate ?

Is there not also something in us that distinguishes between virtue and
vice? If so what is it ? How are these to categories of attitudes,
procedures, living, and goals defined or evaluated -- perhaps not to others,
but to one’s inner self ?

Is there a general consensus as to the presence of law and laws in the
Universe ? We see them in mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology,
medicine, astronomy, engineering, and why not in human relations? Are they
non-existent there simply because we DO NOT LIKE THEM ? Are our “likes or
dislikes” so powerful?

Why not study the inner nature of mankind and of ourselves? What can we
learn about our psychology? Are we the slaves of our desires or do we
direct them? are we the slaves of our thoughts, or can we direct the Mind?
If the answer is YES, we are in CONTROL. If WE can exercise “control,”then
who are WE ? And what is the purpose of our living? Can we frame an
accurate answer to this? And does this kind of answer change over a period
of time? If so, then what in us is stable, and what in us is changing? Who

And why should there not be “perfected” beings who are virtuous and practice
it wherever they are? They don’t have to advertise, but their silence and
secrecy does not imply they do not exist, does it ?

There are some important unanswered questions here, I think. But I also
feel we could all profit by re-reading the KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB) It is
available on line at -- I think we could all
profit by a review of the essentials of Theosophy that we can find in the

Best wishes,



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That's why l don't belong to any organization, most of them tell you how to
do things, what is the "path", they don't see this as ambition, wanting to
be "more", they think it is ok to be ambitious.
Like being born, dying and getting to 'It" should be something natural not
forced, it should just be not approached or searched for. And we don't
really know what "it" is.

Pedro T-------. ---

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