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Warrant for Genocide

Oct 30, 2001 03:22 PM
by bri_mue

Pardon nos, but" the world wars, the world bank, the IMF , the United 
Nations" Isn't realy in the texst of the protocols atole, exept the 
poetry is so vague that indeed anything can be read into it.
Besides all these conspiracy theories about bankers, governement 
control, where already in existance the time the protocols where 
faked. Wars, have existed forever (relativly speaking) and most of 
what is in these protocols would just aswell fit for the time of the 
Romans if you wanted to, it's all there, but of course it isn't 
becouse the protocols where a fake.
The best book to read about the Berner court case is Norman 
Cohen's "Warrant for Genocide". You can check it out, maybe it is on 
the internet, I don't know. Hope that helps,

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