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Re: Theos-World Re: Re: Re: this war & it's cause

Oct 29, 2001 04:07 AM
by Etzion Becker

I must confess that I found a few gems on this list. And the gems shine even
brighter on the dark dirt. Etzion
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Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: Re: Re: this war & it's cause

> >agree on one thing: Israel is still a democracy. One that
> >violates human rights, but it is a democracy. Which in the
> Katinka, which demon-crazy does NOT violate human rights???
> Answer depends what one understands under "human" rights...
> The animal wisdom of the lower personality which is promoted by both the
> Fleet Street and the Wall Street?
> The thirst for lust and gold?
> Or is "human rights" to be understood as the freedom of the higher self?
> That Israel is a democracy is the major problem for their neighbours
> the fact that Israel is a fascist, racist, anti Semit (the Arabs being
> Semits!), imperialistic and states terrorist (just confirmed Germans
> leader Jurgen Mollemann) country.
> HPB hated the hidden rulers of the City of London (as well as Lady Di).
> Purucker hated democracy and tyranny.
> BTW, what about the gene neutron weapon which is in progressed development
> and can detect the (Goyim) race of an enemy soldier?
> Will "the only democracy in the Near East" on its stolen land with that
> weapon (is it that one which HPB has foreseen for our last days??) give
> Arabs in the Near East the opportunity for a new reincarnation?? Is that
> result of the talmudic master race ideology?
> Frank
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