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Re Phowa

Oct 28, 2001 08:25 AM
by Jerry S

<<<In Sogyal Rinpoches mainstream Tibetan Bookof Living and Dying he also
suggests that the Phowa can be performed for those who have recently died.
Sogyal is dzogchen though no? He connects the phowa to the rainvow seen at
death as well...>>>

Its a great book. Technically, this type of phowa - helping others to attain
a heavenly devachan - is a standard practice by Tibetan Lamas. The Bardo
Thodol or Tibetan Book of the Dead (a terrible English title given by
Evans-Wentz and rather stuck in the mind of the public) is from the Ningmapa
school as is Dzogchen. But these things are practiced by many Tibetan
Buddhists (HH the Dali Lama is Gelugpa but has written a wonderful book on
Dzogchen which I highly recommend to everyone).

Jerry S.

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