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RE: Theos-World Re: Re: Re: forcing democracy upon other countries

Oct 27, 2001 09:24 PM
by nos

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|From: Bart Lidofsky [] 
|Sent: Sunday, 28 October 2001 1:45 AM
|Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: Re: Re: forcing democracy upon 
|other countries
|Katinka Hesselink wrote:
|> Well, seems to me that boycotting the UN-decisionmaking process is a 
|> way of showing that you (the US, not you
|> personally) don't take the idea seriously that there is
|> going to be a world-wide government with power over everybody, even 
|> the US.
|	Well, that's pretty much correct. We don't take the 
|idea seriously. Perhaps when human nature changes, such a 
|thing might be desirable, but right now, world government 
|would most likely be a disaster. Do you really think that a 
|group that manages to control the world is going to be 
|interested in the welfare of individuals, or about its own 
|power, and forcing its values on the rest of the world? 

The US political think-tanks have written papers about the need to
portray an image of 'insanity' to the rest of the world. By Bombing Iraq
whilst UN was passing resolutions against it for example - US was saying
to the world and to the middle east - WE WILL DO WHATEVER WE WANT - BE
VERY SCARED. I've posted enough proofs of this. From here in it is
accepted common knowledge.

|	Karl Marx had a similar idea. He saw a great war 
|coming, and firmly believed that the workers of the world 
|would see that they had more in common with each other than 
|they did with their fellow countrymen, and band together in 
|revolution against their governments. W.W.I came, and this did 
|not happen. The followers of Marx could only explain this 
|through a theory that humanity was incapable of seeing reality 
|because they have been blinded by the wrong political thought 
|(this is the origin of the treatment of dissidents as insane). 
|But Marx's system, like most utopian systems, simply assumed 
|that when the "paradise" was formed, human nature would 
|automatically change, and greed, hunger for power, and evil 
|would all simply disappear. 

Where'd you learn that on the backof cereal box? killme Bart -

|	In practice, this has proven to be bullshit. At least 
|to those of us who, by Communist standards, are insane. 
|> Or, in fact, that the US is afraid
|> to hand over power to the UN, because it would like to
|> remain supreme as a superpower, instead of realizing that
|> we have to become some sort of global democracy.
|	Why? And how would it be enforced? Who is going to make 
|China buy in? Who is going to make all the little tin-pot 
|dictators buy in?

Tin-Pot dictators! What you meanlike George Dubya Dubya Dubya DOT Bush

Bart you truly crack me up. The only thing that's a little scary is that

|	In the United States Constitution, there is a concept 
|built-in. That is that human beings have certain rights, which 
|the government is forbidden from transgressing except under 
|the most extreme of circumstances. In the words of Alexander 
|Hamilton, this was to "protect the minority from the tyranny 
|of the majority". Consider that phrase.

ROFLMAO.......... Fuck that is so funny. I'm stilllaughing. 

Please give me a minute to compose myself... Nup...oh

(few minutes later - picks himself up off ground wipes eyes..chuckles

Ok - sorry for that . 

Consider that phrase...Oh here I go

No I can't stop it's no use....



Oh fuck this is so funny.

Bart what level mason are you?

Why don't you have a look at the statistics on crime in the US and who
is in jail and what for ...then tell me again about your so-called
alienable human rights - you are a joke sir a joke. 


|> Well, to be honest, boycotting the decisions of the UN, or the 
|> decisionmaking process of the UN looks imperialist, and arogant.
|	In American courts, there is a rule that if you show 
|disrespect for the court, then you can be jailed for "contempt 
|of court". There is, however, an exception to this: you cannot 
|be held in contempt of a court which is, in and of itself, 

OH NO NOT I go.......ROFLMAO to the power of a googleplex.

Let's pull out some case history's from the american judicial system
shall we?....

|	The United States recently refused to send 
|representatives to attend a conference that was supposed to be 
|against racism. Yet, racist and proven false literature such 
|as THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION were distributed as 
|examples of TRUTH. There was a central discussion on how much 
|better off the world would have been had Hitler WON the second 
|world war. 


|	When nations are condemned for crimes which the 
|condemning nations are far more guilty of, when nations who 
|were largely responsible for slavery and continue to practice 
|it demand that the United States pay reparations to slaves out 
|of one corner of their mouth, yet yell "Imperialist 
|Interference" out of the other corner because the United 
|States is pressuring them to end slavery in their own 
|countries, then we are talking about a group that is, in and 
|of itself, contemptible.
|	Bart Lidofsky
Bart you sound like a fighting sibling...'But he did worse...' "I
didn't start it..' 'BUT MUM!!!!...' etc ad infinitum




Ps nothing personal Bart - but you are such a dick.

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