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Jean Parvulesco

Oct 27, 2001 08:23 AM
by nos

>From the review of 'Star of an Invisible Empire'

On the political level of the conspiracy, the heroes of the novel also
act aggressively and decisively. Spiritual resistance to the New Age and
neospiritualism - representatives of which (from Alice Bailey to de
Chardin and Sai Baba) Tony d'Antremont offers to establish an 'occult
super=Auschwitz, super-Maidanek' - generates political resistance to the
'New World Order', Americanism and Liberalism, provoking the agents of
Being to weave webs of planetary conspiracy with the participation of
all political forces opposing mondialism (globalisation). Palestinian
terrorists, underground groups of European neo-Nazis,
social-revolutionaries and members of the "Red Brigade", descendants of
aristocratic families loathing "democracy", secretly wishing for an end
to the liberal epoch, members of the Italian mafia, Gaullists and
admirers of Franco, revolutionaries of the Third World, shamans of
America and Asia, communist leaders, German bankers - all of them
participants in the geopolitical project, directed towards the
recreation of the final Eurasian Empire.

Victor Olevich


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