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RE: [bn-basic] Re: Sounds Good!

Oct 24, 2001 05:22 PM
by dalval14

Dear John:

That is excellent work




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Norman is referring to the link that is on The Theosophy Company's web site
that goes to the WisdomWorld site, which so far contains over 1,100 articles
from THEOSOPHY magazine.
These are the main links to it:
Wisdom World web site (Main Page):
The Index page of the Introductory, "Setting the Stage" book:
The page where "Additional" articles are slowly being added:
John DeSantis
Norman Grazfeld wrote:
Thanks Dallas!! {Not sure if my first posting got through so eye try
again} The Theosophy Company has a website and at it, there is
a page that has 166 articles written by, i believe: the Theosophy Magazine.
It is called: "setting the stage". They are short articles, about 10k
average each and they really cover a lot. In fact, it's a great place to
start before one goes into the study of the Secret Doctrine. They're
excellent articles and are easy to read for the newcomer. And when the 166
articles are read, they have a little more advanced studies {articles} that
one can got to and further the education. Now i got the "Key" the "Ocean"
and the "Secret Doctrine, but the former two I'll have to read more than
once. It's easy to understand the material as i read it, but to remember it
afterwards requires reading the material over again. The real "Ah Ha's" come
when I see what I have read unfold in my daily life and that's when eye know
it has finally ent! ! ered my heart, so to speak. So thanks again for your
tips and encouragement and now it's off to study!!! Norman ---
Norman Grazfeld---
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