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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: this war & it's cause

Oct 23, 2001 11:48 PM
by Katinka Hesselink

Hm Bart,

We may as well agree to disagree about this. Israel
preaching brotherhood? How about them finally practicing
some? I mean, sorry, but you showing Israel as an example
before the world really has me almost becoming nautious. I
know some very nice Israely people (well, one), but the
actions of the country as a whole are not really all that
peaceful. And it is pretty certain to me that they have had
their share in the conflict they are in with their
neighbours. And far more direct causes they are then any
the US has in the conflict they are in right now. 

> From: Bart Lidofsky <>
> Subject: Re: 
> Katinka Hesselink wrote:
> > Well, I suppose because they share a religion. The
> mahatmas
> > (Or HPB) said that religion is the cause of a great
> > percentage (forget which) of the wars in this world.
> Seems
> > to me they are right. But other causes help to
> contribute.
> And that is my point. They hate anybody who is not a
> member of their
> religion, and they hate those (like the United States and
> Israel) that
> preach brotherhood between the religions. Period. All
> else is window
> dressing.

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